I enjoyed this

Value: 6
Fun: 7
Staff: 5
Safety: 8
Organization: 3

The Australia zoo bonus week was really fun especially when we went whale watching and shopping at multiple locations. I liked the housing arrangements and the free time we had to explore Sydney. Spending time at the zoo was really fun too and I got to experience many new things with the zoo animals. However, the food situation should have been better thought out as a lot of the places we went to, nobody liked the type of food or anything on the menu. A better alternative might have been offering multiple restaurants or giving students money to go eat where they pleased. Also, the zoo staff wasn’t prepared for our arrival and were struggling to find things for us to do so it felt like we were burdening them more than anything. Overall, a good experience but should have been planned better.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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