Literally the best experience one could ask for

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Like anyone would be before going on a study abroad semester, I was nervous about what to expect, as everything would be very new to me. I was almost immediately reassured, because literally every aspect of this program was phenomenal. The professors and staff are literally the most wonderful, kind, smart people I've ever met. Furthermore, the education is outstanding, and you learn an incredible amount about Argentina, especially during the trips/excursions, which is very hands on, and you meet many very inspiring and kind people. Being able to see the country was incredible, it's very beautiful, and connecting it to the social organizations whose members you meet during the trips made the trips incredibly educational, and made the trips unforgettable. My homestay experience was incredible. My host mom was I think literally the kindest person I've ever met, and we became very close friends, and talked about everything together, and I love her so much haha. I also had the privilege of becoming close with her wonderful daughter, her daughter's partner, and their new baby! I miss them all every day a crazy amount. You'll also meet great friends, all of the students on the program were brilliant and kind, and we have kept in contact, and I am close friends with everyone. Lastly, Argentina is a BEAUTIFUL, incredible country, with so much history and wonderful people. People are incredibly warm. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city that functions very well with excellent transit, and it was amazing getting to explore it. If you're considering studying abroad in Argentina, you won't ever forget this program. And even if it sounds cliched, it'll change your life!

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