Vietnam 17 day tour

Value: 9
Fun: 10
Staff: 10
Safety: 10
Organization: 10

As this was my first time travelling alone I decided I wanted to do a tour to break myself in, Vietnam has always been somewhere I wanted to go so I decided to book on the 17 day tour. I was nervous before arriving but straight away I felt comfortable with everyone and my tour guide Edna was amazing from the off. My nerves changed to relief straight away and it was clear to me it was the best decision I made. For me the tour just got better and better as we moved north and all the sites we got to see and the activities included were just amazing! People ask me what my favourite part was but I genuinely couldn’t pick a best part as I enjoyed it so much, this is massively down to the group of people I was with also, couldn’t of asked for a better bunch of people and I will be in touch with them again. Plenty of extra activities are available for you to do while you have free time and I would recommend for anyone thinking of doing the tour to take advantage of these. Edna was very helpful sorting any extra activities you wanted to do. Also very helpful in letting you know where to go for food or what sites to see. After the tour I had a week spare before flying to Cambodia and wasn’t sure on what to do so Edna suggested we rent some motor bikes and head off into the hills to see some more of Vietnam, I thought yes why not. After hours on the bikes the sites and views we got to see were just out of this world! And again this is all credit to Edna for helping sort the extra little trip out, as if I was on my own I probably wouldn’t have the confidence to do this! All in all I would massively recommend this tour to anyone who is thinking about Vietnam! Massive thank you to everyone on my tour, trutravels and especially Edna!

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