Sydney, Australia Study Abroad Experience

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

My name is Victoria Guasco and I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia last semester. My experience with TEAN was amazing and whoever is looking to go abroad I would recommend going with TEAN for many reasons. First, they made the transition into Australia very smooth and they also made the transition back home smooth too. Second, they were there if anything went wrong and I could always count on them to help me get adjusted. Third, they held events for TEAN students to get acclimated and make friends. They never left us empty handed and they did everything they could to make us feel safe and at home. Everything was very organized with the program and if you needed something you could get ahold of them within minutes.
My experience with TEAN and studying abroad in general was amazing! Those four and a half months I was there is a time I will never forget and always cherish. I traveled around Australia and New Zealand, made friends i'll have forever, furthered my education, learned many things about myself and grew in every aspect of my life. Leaving your home and started completely new is very hard, but with TEANs help you will not regret your decision to go.

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Yes, I would
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