An Unforgettable Summer

Growth: 10
Support: 9
Fun: 8
Housing: 8
Safety: 10

I am incredibly grateful that I received the opportunity to further my academic interests, see more of the world, and meet amazing new friends through the Experiment's Germany program. There are several experiences from the program that stand out. As someone who has long admired Angela Merkel's leadership and transition from a chemist to German chancellor, seeing her office in the Reichstag Building was surreal. In Luxembourg, the tour guide took us to the European Court of Justice and showed us the work locations of EU translators. Being able to stand so close to these pivotal centers of European politics was inspiring, to say the least. Additionally, the workshops were thought-provoking and interesting. One particularly powerful workshop that we attended was in the city of Passau. Mo, a refugee who had fled Syria, spoke of attempting to raise awareness about the atrocities that occurred during the Syrian war, his experiences in prison, and his ultimate escape across the Mediterranean Sea to Germany.
Apart from the many things I learned, I will forever cherish the wonderful people I met on the trip. First, my host family, who kindly took me into their home and spent several nights talking to me about life philosophies, politics, and our love of cats. Secondly, several individuals in my group who brought me out of my shell and who I look forward to staying in contact with.
July 2019 passed in a blur, but many of my most wonderful memories will come from this month. I hope The Experiment continues to bring world learning to young adults!

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Yes, I would
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