Germany: International Relations & The E.U.
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Germany: International Relations & The E.U.

Travel throughout Germany and across borders as you spend time in Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Munich, Maastricht, and more. Your journey starts in the ancient city of Cologne, where you begin German classes. In Bonn, you will visit the Haus der Geschichte to study Germany’s political system and role in advancing peace. Continue to Belgium, where you will gain insights into the European Union, and attend workshops that explore topics related to peacekeeping, antidiscrimination, and politics. Then, cross the border into the Netherlands for a trip to the historic city of Maastricht.

Your group will travel to Bavaria, where you will share daily life with a family during your homestay. You will spend a funfilled day with your group completing a treasure hunt in the city of Munich.

Travel to Berlin, a bustling cultural center, where you will continue studying German. There, you will visit the Bundestag (Germany’s parliament), learn about the refugee situation, and meet with local youth.

  • Peace, Politics, and Human Rights
  • Social Change
  • Language
  • Leadership
  • Homestay
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Month in Germany

Over this past summer, I was lucky enough to get to spend a month in Germany. Somehow our group ended up having two vegans, two vegetarians, and two pescatarians, including two of the leaders (one vegan and one vegetarian). Almost everywhere we went was very good about getting food we all could eat. Although in Berlin we had a few snags here and there about getting food for the vegans, my host family definitely went above and beyond to make sure I loved all the food I was getting. Although some of my friends talked about cliques forming to some extent in their programs to other countries, I don't think that happened with my group. We all grew incredibly close over the month we spent together, and we're still in touch even a few months after coming back.
We went to some of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. We spent only a day in the Netherlands and I already feel as though I need to go back, and the Bavarian countryside definitely grew on me. I'm hoping that I will be able to go back and visit my new friends over there and get to say hi to them all once more.
Our leaders were also very good about keeping us all safe. There were several times participants had to see doctors (though there was nothing terribly serious), and our leaders were able to get the participants all of the help they needed. Having such wonderful leaders definitely made the experience a lot smoother and helped us know that we would be able to get whatever we needed. When I got a bad sunburn at the beginning of the trip (I'm very pale so I burn easily, and having just come from school and winter I forgot to apply sunscreen often enough), we were in Brussels and it was late in the afternoon on a Sunday, so almost all the stores were closed. One of the leaders practically ran around town to find something to help with the sunburn (although I didn't end up needing it). She was our in-country leader (we had two from the US and one from Berlin) and seemed like your typical strict German, but she was so sweet in trying to make sure that I was okay after I got sunburned. She almost seemed like the overprotective older sister for the rest of the trip. So if you're worried about something happening to you, don't be! Even if it's just a sunburn, the leaders will do everything they can to make sure you are okay.

How can this program be improved?

greater thematic focus in Maastricht would be nice
the food in Berlin wasn't very good

Yes, I recommend
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My summer in Germany was unforgettable. Every day, I was challenged, whether it be through the culture shock, group discussions, or host family activities. However, it was through each challenge that I learned new things about myself and the world around me. Having difficult conversations, stepping outside of my comfort zone, and being vulnerable allowed me to truly immerse myself in the German culture while creating strong relationships with my group.
The group dynamic was absolutely amazing. The 14 of us came from different backgrounds with different opinions and ideas but all with a passion for politics and change-making, that made for thought-provoking discussions and debates, allowing us to constantly learn from each other and think in ways that we never had before. The relationships that I've made - both German and American - are ones that have helped me realize my own capabilities as a leader and truly changed my life for the better.
The Experiment has given me a summer that I will never forget, and I strongly recommend this program to any high schooler looking to broaden their world view.

How can this program be improved?

I think that more thematic focus in Maastricht would have been really helpful and interesting!

Yes, I recommend
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Through this program, I have grown into a more passionate and aware leader. In this program, I met many new people in my group who have similar and different mentalities. Through this variety of personalities and opinions, I was able to gain more perspectives of life from others. I also got to see how passionate and determined the other attendees are - I left the program hopeful due to the fact that I knew the future was going to be full of individuals who are similar to the individuals in my group. From this impactful experience, I had the opportunity to succeed as a leader that I am meant to prosper into and also got to create life-long friendships with the most amazing people I have ever met.

Yes, I recommend
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Anai and The Experiment

Honestly, the most eye opening and rewarding experience. You will gain so much insight from this trip. I'm glad I was selected and given amazing financial aid to go. Before the experiment, I was pretty uncomfortable with stepping outside of my shelf or my comfort zone. I was used to talking to only so many people and not wanting to go to too many outings because of how anxious and uncomfortable I’d become. Signing up for this trip, I told myself that it was time for me to move past what held me back and that I had to push myself. Now that I am back, I am more than happy I went on this trip. I learned so much about myself.

How can this program be improved?

better food

Yes, I recommend
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Truly Enlightening! Reflecting on my experience is a privilege and I now realize how significant it is to be exposed to the customs of other countries. Overall, it was honestly the best month of my life and everyday was even better than the last. From the activities, to the home stays, to the connections each moment would feel completely new and I honestly wouldn't mind going back. My appreciation for culture, language, and sense of community definitely was strengthen on the course of this trip. When it came to serious matters nothing was held back and extremely informative. Based on the exposure of the history and the modern day crisis that strikes upon Germany, the awareness was something critical to not only myself but on a global scale. My overbearing year has definitely been shaped by the experience as a whole and having the opportunity to experience things I would probably never would get to do as an inner city student is refreshing.

Yes, I recommend
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The Best Experience Ever!!

Throughout the month I was in Germany, I learned so much and gained insight I couldn't have gotten elsewhere. The Experiment provided a perfect balance of education, volunteer service projects and free time in which we could split up and explore the cities with a small group. I learned so much and grew as a person and I feel as if I returned home changed by this experience. I made friendships closer than most I have back home, with both the Germans and my group members. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to study abroad for a summer in high school.

Yes, I recommend
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Last summer I had the opportunity of going to Germany and I absolutely loved my time with the Experiment in International Living. At first, I was nervous about spending a month with people I had never met before, but even before our group met in person, one of the group members started a chat including everyone in the group. I really enjoyed visiting different countries and learning about German culture and how the different areas of Germany have different cultures. I didn't know much about Europe, and Germany in particular (and definitely not German), but I would have to say that I learned so much during my month abroad. I would definitely have to say that last summer was the best summer that I have had in a long time, and that was largely because of my experience with the Experiment.

Yes, I recommend
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Amazing summer

It was a very full month, from Berlin to Bonn, staying in Niederalteich, and leaving from Munich. Berlin was our acclimation period, giving us a week to hone our German and see the vibrant urban life of the city. After a quick train to Bonn, we spent the next week shopping, sightseeing, and learning about political issues facing youth today. Niederalteich was the homestay, where we were truly immersed in German life. We rounded out the trip in Munich, for a final three days.

EIL was such an amazing experience. I fondly remember our visit to Cologne, our last nights in Munich. One of my photos in Niederalteich is still my desktop screen. I would highly recommend the Experiment to anybody looking for a month abroad--it was the highlight of my summer.

How can this program be improved?

When we were traveling around Bonn, we stayed in Bad Honnef, which was about a 20-minute train ride from the city. Wish we could have stayed a little closer.

Yes, I recommend

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