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Translation: Thanks to the hospitality of MCAS, I am here to experience the local customs of Morocco through a unique experience of volunteer + travel mode. I am very willing to recommend MCAS to Chinese college students. I want to call for Morocco too. Friends who have seen the 2018 Russia World Cup should be deeply impressed by the crazy call of CCTV5 Xuyang. Yes, Xu Yang’s guide to repeating the country is Morocco. Of course, he also won the nickname “Xu Zhimo”. At the time, Xu’s guidance emphasized the strong football atmosphere in Morocco. I really felt it in the days of Morocco. There are children playing everywhere in the streets and all kinds of shops on the street often sell a few Thai jerseys. From the perspective of a football fan, I think Moroccan football has a good fan base. The personal skills of Moroccan players are absolutely sufficient. If accompanied by scientific tactics and good execution, the Moroccan national team will definitely be able to play some results!

Return to the topic and brief you on my schedule for a few days in Morocco. On the round-trip ticket, it is recommended that you consider Hong Kong round-trip, so that the tax is small, much cheaper, and if there is a ticket, you do not need a Hong Kong and Macao pass. The largest airport in Morocco is Casa Mohammed V Airport, which is also convenient for transportation, but the MCAS station is in the capital Rabat. My schedule was four days in advance, playing; then I volunteered for 5 days in the old town of Rabat to teach my friends to learn Chinese and English. I had three days left to continue playing. Ali, the person in charge of MCAS, is really good. You can ask him for all kinds of things to book a ticket. Of course, I will speak Arabic, so I basically play with myself. On the first day, Rabat-Danjir-Shefshavwan, the second day of Chefchaouen-Fez, the third day of Fez-Evlan-Fez-Rabat. I am more eager to pursue speed, and I can guarantee efficiency. I can speak Arabic and prevent it from being pitted. So I basically got a clockwise loop in the northwest of Morocco for 3 days. Just a single chartered car will cost a lot of money. Then, after returning to Rabat, I was teaching the small basin friends in the morning. In the afternoon, the local volunteer lady led us to go around and prepare lessons in the evening or pack up. Xiaopen friends like China's various gadgets, but the English level is really uneven. Fortunately, I will speak Arabic, communicate with them as much as possible, praise more, encourage more, and the teaching is relatively smooth. In fact, this experience is also Very interesting. In the afternoon and evening, after the group activities are over, I will usually run out myself, take a tram around, and then find someone to practice Arabic. After five days of teaching, I took an IELTS test in the university town of Rabat. Speaking and writing really have an advantage, but listening is particularly difficult, so the total score is still not good. Then there was only one and a half days left, and I went to Casa at a very fast speed. I played half an afternoon, one night and one morning, but it was almost the same. The city’s tourism was too serious, and it should not be treated more. Everyone should be able to understand. Back to Rabat at noon, simply clean up in the afternoon, the plane in the evening.

When the trip is over, everything is going well.

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