Growth: 6
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 7
Safety: 9

I was a student and looking for an opportunity in China which could both give me some working experience and Chinese skills, which could possibily be affordable for my student pocket you know...
I found MTA, which was providing paid internships with the possibility of having all your visa expenses covered, together with your living and, if you were lucky, with the possibility of gaining a profit. I tried it on, with very low expectations, given the cost and everything else.
It turned out to be a great agency (still young and always trying to improve). They were always there for me whenever I needed help.
The internship I got was ok, I guess... I mean, I came here with no knowledge whatsoever about working in a company... So everything I learned was a plus for me. My suggestion is: don't complain about your job and be always up for something else to do. From my experience, I can say it worked! I started there as a mere translator from english to italian and in the end I learned some basic knowledge about SEO, I uploaded new products and content on the Italian and French website (translating also into French), together with taking care of the social medias and helping with the customer service too.

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