My Best Experience Abroad...Ever

Academics: 6
Support: 9
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

SIT's program in Vietnam is an incredible opportunity. It is the most immersive program I have ever taken part in- from homestay families in Ho Chi Minh City to eating local food and trekking through the rice paddies in Sapa. You will travel everywhere from remote jungle to mega-cities that never sleep (especially when Vietnam wins a soccer match!). Experiential learning is the focus of this program, so while the material may not be difficult, you are constantly learning something new (including how to cook a local dish like Banh Xeo, how to buy clothes in a Vietnamese market, etc.). The food is phenomenal and unbelievably inexpensive, I would suggest trying everything! It is so easy to engage with the culture, explore, travel, and make lasting relationships. The coffee shop culture is also huge there, and every coffee shop is a unique space with delicious drinks! Definitely get the golden bubble tea from Koi.

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