The GREEN Program Iceland: The best ten days of my life

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

My time on The Green Program was hands down the best ten days of my life. The program was expertly crafted with a perfect mix of academic, cultural, and adventurous experiences that maximized the potential of each and every day.

Waking up in an Icelandic farmhouse inn to have a homemade Icelandic breakfast, going to Reykjavik University for classes on sustainable energy, a tour of the largest geothermal plant in Iceland, lunch at a geothermal powered pizza brewery followed by a hike up to a hot spring creek, and finishing with working on the Capstone project back at the farmhouse.

The Capstone project is the heart of The Green Program experience. Teaming up with students from all around the world to come up with solutions to some of the grand engineering challenges yielded some incredible ideas from all of us.

The program is not just for engineers, it is for everyone with an interest in renewable energy and sustainability. There were many non-engineering students that were with my group. Green Program. Regardless of whatever your major is, you will have an enriching experience.

On top of all that, Iceland is gorgeous, and according to the 2018 peace index, the safest country and travel destination in the world.

From the Capstone to the classes to hiking in the highlands and climbing a glacier, every day you will be fulfilled with this incredible life changing experience. I encourage anyone to embark on an adventure with The Green Program!

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