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High School Diploma Associates Bachelors Masters PhD.


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-3 ECTS or 1.5 US academic credits transferable from Reykjavik University’s School of Science and Engineering
-Exclusive access and private tours to world-leading hydroelectric, geothermal, and biofuel facilities
-Icelandic adventure excursions (super jeeping, glacier walks, caving, glacier snorkeling, hot springs, Golden Circle tour, and more!)
-All breakfasts, lunches, dinners with local cuisine (We accommodate vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dietary preferences/restrictions)
-All in-country accommodations and transportation

Not Included:
-Flight, travel medical insurance, and discretionary spending not included in the program fee
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Accommodation Activities Airport Transfers Classes Meals Transportation Wifi
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Airfare Travel Insurance Visa
May 21, 2024
Sep 13, 2023
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About Program

As one of the greenest countries on our planet, Iceland produces effectively 100% of its electricity & more than 70% of its total energy consumption from renewable energy sources. Participants gain private access to Iceland's renewable energy facilities such as a hydro power plant, a geothermal power plant, and a bio-fuel location. Participants also partake in sightseeing and bucket-list adventures, such as glacier hiking, swimming in hot springs, waterfall explorations and visiting a 3,000 year old volcano crater!

Our program in Iceland is an intensive, 8 day program focused on Renewable Energy and Sustainability, in partnership with Iceland School of Energy at Reykjavik University. Participants will learn about how the country is utilizing innovative geothermal energy and hydro power technologies and putting these to work in the circular economy, food production, carbon sequestration and capture, and renewable fuel production.

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Program Highlights

  • Exclusive access and private tours to Iceland's leading hydroelectric, geothermal, and biofuel facilities
  • Icelandic adventure excursions (super jeeping, glacier walks, caving, glacier snorkeling, hot springs, Golden Circle tour, and more!)
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding along with a personal familiarity of the science and technology behind renewable energy systems: hydroelectric, geothermal, and biofuels.
  • Excel within a network of like-minded participants who aspire to work and innovate in the field of renewable energy and sustainability
  • Develop leadership, teamwork, and networking skills through adventure excursions and exposure to professional industry relationships.

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4.89 Rating
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  • Academics 4.3
  • Support 4.8
  • Fun 4.9
  • Housing 4.9
  • Safety 4.9
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Yes, I recommend this program

Such an incredible experience!!

This program opened my eyes to the world of renewable energy and inspired me to continue on to a career in the industry. TGP does an excellent job of providing students with both a fascinating academic experience and an unforgettable cultural experience. Not only do you learn from world-class professors at Reykjavik University, but you also get to camp in the highlands, swim in hot springs, and eat local Icelandic cuisine. I would recommend this program to anyone with any background who is looking to gain knowledge and experience in sustainable development.

  • Real-life experience in the renewable energy industry
  • See Icelandic culture through the eyes of the native people
  • Unforgettable trips across Iceland's beautiful landscape (camping, hiking, swimming in hot springs)
  • The cost is expensive, however, it is all inclusive and so worth it! (scholarships are available)
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experiences

This experience was so amazing and seriously a once and a lifetime opportunity. We got to go places and see things you could most definitely not do while traveling alone. You travel with a local Icelandic who brought us to some cool local places and taught us some of the vocabulary. All of the guesthouses we stayed at were hosted by lovely people and the food was delicious. You get to learn so much on this trip and go tour some of the green energy infrastructure that Iceland offers. I made so many friends on this trip and some unforgettable experiences.

  • Schedule is already made
  • Transportation and meals included
  • Incredible scenery
  • Pretty expensive
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Yes, I recommend this program

TGP Iceland was the best week long learning experience!

The Green Program was truly an amazing experience. I have not only gained a better understanding of renewable energy and the topic of sustainability, but have met the most amazing people and learned about myself. From lectures at Reykjavik University to snowball fights on top of a mountain, you learn about nature and the world first hand in a country that is truly beautiful. Iceland has so much to offer and learning about their renewable energy gave me a deeper understanding that cannot be learned in just a classroom. The people on this trip have similar goals when it comes to sustainability, but you learn that everyone has a different background and you learn from them too. This was a once in a lifetime experience and I would not trade it for the world.

  • I felt safe and welcomed during the entirety of the program.
  • Got to learn about sustainability and renewable energy in a country that excels in that field.
  • We explored Iceland and went on many hikes to see everything the country has to offer.
  • A week is too short, I wish I had more time in Iceland.
  • It is a busy schedule you follow while on the program (I loved it but others might not)
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Yes, I recommend this program

The Green Program - Iceland 2023

The experience I had in Iceland with The Green Program was absolutely amazing! This was my first time traveling out of the country by myself and I am so grateful for everything the program and the people gave me. Learning about renewable energy and actually getting a tour of the geothermal and hydropower plants was extremely interesting. I loved being able to reconnect with nature through the amazing hikes, glacier walks, camping, and swimming in geothermal hot springs. Iceland has given me a new passion and appreciation for the environment and how I want to make a difference in the future!

  • I got to meet so many new people from different universities and learned so much from the local Icelandic adventure guides.
  • I loved getting to reconnect with nature through hiking, swimming, and spending most of the time outdoors!
  • I got to try so many new unique things, such as walking on a glacier, swimming in a geothermal hot spring, and tour renewable energy plants.
  • Having random room assignments at the hostels would have been nice to switch up the rooming situations (groups were formed and stuck to those groups in each room).
  • The trip is a bit expensive, but definitely worth every penny! I believe that some universities offer scholarships, it would be nice if that was an option at my school.
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No, I don't recommend this program

Save Your Money

Frankly, I don’t even know where to begin, but I owe it to the people considering this program to objectively evaluate my Green Program experience in Iceland. First, I will say that Iceland is gorgeous and I saw some unforgettable things. The caveat to that statement is I could have seen those things by just taking a vacation there. The housing, food, and lack of transparency must be lamented in detail.
We stayed at three places during the program: a guesthouse, campsite (tents), and Midgard, which is essentially a hotel. I appreciated the hospitality offered by the operators of the guesthouse, but I shared a room and bathroom with four guys that were quite small. Now, to the campsite, where unfortunately something occurred that was absolutely disgraceful. Upon our arrival at the campsite, we were greeted by heavy rain (this is nobody’s fault, just setting the stage). Compounding our discomfort, we soon discovered that the sixteen people in our group would be staying in two (yes, two) tents. These tents are not designed to hold that many people. This is not the extent of the problem, though. Besides this cramped environment, rain began to fall into our tent from the top. Our guides attempted to remedy this, but ultimately could not. So, what did they do next? Well, they retreated to a warm, dry trailer. That is downright wrong any way you look at it. Refusing to accept this, my friends and I rented a nearby cabin. We had to spend additional money to stay warm because a faulty, overcrowded tent simply was not good enough, and the guides knew it. To my astonishment, one of the guides characterized the group’s stay at the campsite as “glamping,” one of the most tone-deaf and asinine things I have ever heard in my life. Under no circumstances should it have been acceptable for them to provide that level of accommodations for us given the amount of money we paid. It was negligent at best and immoral at worst. Staying at Midgard was pleasant, but this represented only a fraction of the trip and did not make up for the prior issues.
Another major source of frustration was the quality of food provided to us throughout the trip. While we did eat the occasional Icelandic dish, the majority of our meals were inundated with subpar offerings. In lieu of traditional foods, gourmet meals such as sandwiches, hot dogs, granola bars, and yogurt ruled the day. Perhaps most importantly, though, it is my duty to warn you prospective Greenies to finish everything on your plate, or you will be ridiculed. Yes, this actually happened. I did not eat all of my salad one evening, and this was brought to the group’s attention. A table of fellow students proceeded to lecture me about the grave crime of not eating everything after I admitted I was the one who committed this heinous act. Now, if this sounds utterly unreasonable, that’s because it is.
Lastly, a lack of transparency and preparedness permeated this experience. A trip itinerary was not provided to us in advance. Instead, our guides would inform us of the next day’s activities during dinner each night. This is something that The Green Program claimed was for our own benefit. For one, this is borderline condescending as we are all adults. More than anything, though, this assertion reeked of a lack of preparation.
Spare your $4500. Go on vacation to Iceland, but avoid The Green Program.

  • Iceland is pretty
  • Had fun with my friends
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Transparency
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Yes, I recommend this program

Wonderfully Educational and Beautiful Experience!

If you have the opportunity to explore a new country and new technology with The Green Program, do it! This program was so educational teaching me not only about the Icelandic culture but also the amazing geothermal and hydropower technology their geography allows them to run. The friends I made on this trip are some of the best people I've ever met, and we still talk about our experiences from the trip every day. We all shed some tears when we had to leave, but we knew we would always have the Green family with us and those amazing memories we made too.

  • Amazing food (including allergy accommodations).
  • Great housing hostiles and sight seeing.
  • Fun, educational, and exhilarating (yet safe) activities!
  • Very busy schedule - little free time (unless you want to sacrifice some sleep at night).
  • Geothermal and hydropower plant tours could have gone a little more in-depth (were not actual plant "tours" as we initially expected).
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Yes, I recommend this program

Iceland Abroad - My Spring Break

I had a great time on the Iceland TGP program! I explored some areas in Iceland and met some great people. The trip was a good way to close out my academic career as a graduate student. My favorite part was learning about Iceland's sustainability initiatives and exploring the country, as well as meeting a whole bunch of cool new people. I enjoyed the learning aspect but felt there could have been more, as well as more hiking and exploration. I still had a good time and recommend as a spring break for other college students.

  • Meeting like-minded people
  • Lots of activities
  • Nice living areas and great outdoor temperature
  • Gets pretty socially exhausting after a while
  • Not much hiking or intensive tours in the power plants
  • Not much time to explore on your own
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Immersive Experience

Being my first time out of the United States, I didn't have a lot to base my Iceland experience off of but I can easily say this was the best week+ of my life. The sights alone were enough to make this a great trip, but on top of that I was with a great group of people that wanted to explore as much as possible. This trip definitely forced me out of my comfort zone (in a good way!) and made me realize how much I love adventure. The food was definitely a plus and it was great to come back from a long hike to a homecooked meal.

  • Tasty (+traditional) Icelandic dishes
  • Beautiful landscapes (great for photos)
  • Lots of time to be outdoors
  • Not a lot of time for Reykjavik exploration
  • Schedule regularly changed (mainly due to weather concerns)
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Questions & Answers

The application can be found on our website at https://thegreenprogram.com/apply. It is free, does not commit you to a particular program/session, and does not expire. When filling out the application, we want you to be honest about your passions and goals. It is not about a GPA requirement, it is about who you are and what you'd like to get out of the GREEN Program experience. Anyone over 18...

Hi Sheenalei! Thank you so much for your question! Airfare, travel documentation, and travel medical insurance are not included in the program fee and must be covered by the participant. All in-country expenses are included in the program fee while on the program such as hotel accommodations, in-country transportation, three meals a day, educational materials and lectures, adventure excursions...

I did not need any kind of visa beforehand, I do believe I had to fill out a form before I landed though.