A great place to visit for a first timer in Africa!

Impact: 6
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 6
Safety: 10

Morocco is a beautiful place with so many fun travel destinations! The beach, the desert, the mountains; all are incredible and a must see when volunteering with MCAS. Ali is super helpful when making travel plans and can point you in the direction for great places to visit. MCAS offers many different types of internships. The education internship is a great way to work with kids and be creative with lesson planning if your're interested in education. Rabat was an amazing place to live for the summer and there's lot of things to do! I felt very safe at my home-stay and comfortable walking alone throughout my trip. People in the city are very friendly and helpful. There are lots of great places to eat and the medina is always busy and fun! Highly recommend the program!

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My stay in Morocco was amazing. I loved the country and the people I got to meet. I think the internship portion could have been a little more organized. Ali seemed very overwhelmed and needs helping managing the program. I think the education internship could use a little more structure so that it is impactful as possible for interns.