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Academics: 1
Support: 2
Fun: 4
Housing: 3
Safety: 6

Do yourself a favor and do NOT spend your money on this program. I wish I could go back and tell myself that before I made the mistake of selecting this program. The organization and academics of this program are a literal disaster and something you should steer clear of. USAC should be embarrassed at the level of quality this program has.
Krakow is an amazing place, but USAC made it impossible to enjoy because of how little they did to ensure the program's success. Classes and professors weren't clear on expectations and the syllabi that USAC makes the professors create are not followed. There are barely any resources to do papers and research because there are no resources in English. The on-site staff had little to no involvement after the first week. The USAC website lies about what is included in program fees, as we did not ever go to Zakopane or the Tatra Mountains. The Vienna and Budapest trip was the biggest waste of $400, as the USAC website also lied about what we would be doing on that trip (you only go to art museums and USAC only pays for hotels, nothing else).
We were not immersed in local culture because, as USAC so graciously leaves out, we only took classes with the people in the USAC program (12 people for my semester). They did not introduce us to any local students or mentors when we got there, and we found ourselves feeling very lost and left out in the cold. The staff was hard to reach and did not seem to care about our experience until all of us complained to higher-ups in the organization.
I 100% regret my decision of choosing a USAC study abroad program and would not recommend them to anyone.

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