Amazing 2 weeks

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

I did 2 weeks of turtle conservation in Greece in August of 2019 and it was a genuinely life changing fortnight. I had never done anything thing like this before and had never travelled alone before either but I'm so glad I did because at the end of my time I felt like I had done something fulfilling and meaningful with my summer, and I had! So I had signed up for 2 weeks abroad doing wildlife conservation and didn't really know what to expect, but it was brilliant, every day I would get up early,(just before 6) and get ready to start my day witha morning survey, this is where you patrol a section of the beach with a small team from your camp and see what overnight activity had occurred. It was really exciting because you never knew what you were going to see. Tracks from hatchling throughout the night, live hatchling, fresh nests and predated nest were some of what I got to see. On my first day I was lucky enough to watch 7 hatchling head down the beach into the sea and it really was an amazing heartwarming moment, watching them take their first steps towards the vast ocean and you're their watching it... Very priveldiging. It really made it feel like you were doing something good, helping this species and making a genuine impact, which truth be told you were! But there was more to it than that, whilst i were there I met some amazing people and made some life long memories, the atmosphere of base camp was just amazing. No bad memories from it, everyone who was there, was there for a similar reason. You all had something in common because you'd all chose to be there and to help turtles so getting along with everyone was really easy. There was always someone or something going on at camp as well and it was just a really happy, relaxing place to be. Midday and evenings were filled with things like be ah clean, public awareness walks or shading turtle nests from light pollution. No matter where you were or what you were doing, there was always a nice vibe and whoever you were with was worth talking to and a good laugh. My biggest regret from the whole trip is not going for longer... 2 weeks isn't long enough! And the hardest part was leaving and saying goodbye. It was a special 2 weeks and has genuinely changed my life. I encourage anyone to do the same, life's to short, go for it!

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