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Volunteer with one of the most endangered species in the Mediterranean; live in a quiet area near a traditional Greek fishing town; explore nearby nature reserves and admire local architecture in your free time!

Lakonikos Bay, situated in the Peloponnese, is an important nesting area for loggerhead sea turtles in the Mediterranean. Volunteers will engage in daily morning surveys to record nesting activity and protect turtle nests against inundation by sea water and predation by mammals.

Volunteers will also help provide conservation information to the local community and overseas visitors. Having been inhabited since the Neolithic period, this area on the southern most tip of mainland Greece is rich in history and culture and owing to its location near the River Evrotas the area is also rich in bird life and other flora and fauna.

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My 🐢 experience in Greece

I aint got a lot of experience in writing reviews but if you search a place where you can both spend your summer by doing something useful for both yourself and the planet volunteering is the best possible way there is and I say this one from experience. I enjoyed my time on the program from the first time I put my foot out of the bus. I although I need to admit that the campsite itself is a little different from the place what I’m used to but the program in whole change my life and made me a “greener” person. Turtles are wonderful creatures and helping them is a marvelous experience. Don’t miss this opportunity.

How can this program be improved?
In my opinion there should be more activities/competitions and so on.
Yes, I recommend

My experience of the best summer spent with turtles, and my new best friends

I truly don't know where to begin this review, the experience has been the best thing I've ever done and probably will remain that way for the rest of my life. I originally paid for 4 weeks on the programme, but I enjoyed it so much I kept extending, ending up staying there for 10 weeks!!

I didn't know what to expect when I signed up to do this. I originally did it for my university placement, but it became a lot more than that. Firstly its already an amazing opportunity to be in Greece working on the conservation of the beautiful Loggerhead sea turtles, but when you get to know the other volunteers who you work with you make such quick bonds; they became my family. And I can happily say I am still in contact with them today! I haven't got one story from the camp that I can share, just too much happened!

In terms of what to expect from the project, I volunteered in Lakonikos Bay in Greece. e did monitoring surveys on the beaches we surveyed, some morning (Seeing the most incredible sunrises!), some in the evening. Running of the beach kiosk getting to inform the public and families about your amazing efforts and letting them know these turtles are right where they are. More things included beach cleans, night patrols, excavations (opening up hatched nests to see egg hatch success rate), strandings (helping those turtles safely out of the eater on the way to Athens rescue center!), and soooo much more. All while camping in a tent with people who will become your bestest friends!

I could talk about my experience all day if people would let me. Happy to answer any questions, I have also blogged about my experience at: http://adventuresatarchelon.blogspot.co.uk/. Feel free to give it a read to hear in more detail!

But I will share a moment that will stick with me forever. I volunteered through from the nesting season onto the hatchling season. And I will always treasure the moment I saw my first sea turtle hatchling making its way successfully to sea to start its big journey of life! Seeing the cute little thing make its way instinctively to sea was incredible, and made me quite emotional honestly. It makes it all worth while hen you truly see what it's all about.

Last bit of advice, if you're on the fence about doing it, or are a person who's a bit nervous about going to a foreign country alone, there are going to be people in the same situation and you will quickly settle in and I promise you'll never regret or forget it.

How can this program be improved?
I would probably make it cheaper, as the other Archelon projects are cheaper but only because Lakonikos Bay is funded through GVI is it so much more expensive.
Yes, I recommend


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