The Best Program Ever!!

Academics: 7
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

My semester in Australia was truly like a dream. It was astounding to me that I was half-way around the world making new best friends and traveling to the most amazing places all while being able to receive a full semester worth of credits. Not only was the trip filled with amazing experiences, it was full of wonderful life lessons as well. Being half-way around the world really instills a sense of true independence, there’s no going home or having your mom around to help when you run into trouble. I learned to do things on my own which pushed me to enjoy doing things on my own as well. If nobody was around to head up to the beach or go to dinner, I found myself going on my own instead of sitting around doing nothing thanks to this new-found sense of independence. That being said, my time in Australia also taught me how important it is to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, no matter how big or small, even if they scare you. Looking back, I am so happy I didn't back out of sky-diving, scuba diving, or our hike in the Bali heat because those experiences were some of my favorite times, not only my trip, but of my whole life.

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Yes, I would
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