15 Day Intro Travel Bali Experience Trip

Value: 5
Fun: 5
Staff: 5
Safety: 5
Organization: 5

My 15 day Bali experience trip was a truly amazing journey. Was a little skeptical of booking a group trip but it turned out to be a really awesome time. The activities were all super fun but the best one had to be swimming with the manta rays in Nusa Lembongan. Accommodation was spot on at all the different places we went and the food was just incredible at every stop. Traveled here solo and met a whole bunch of awesome people which made the time here in Bali even better. Our group leader Craig did a really awesome job of bringing everybody together and ran a really nice trip. He has a really strong passion for his job and does everything possible to make sure everybody is enjoying it. Loved everything about this trip and looking forward to doing another one soon!

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