Instruction: 10
Support: 9
Value: 10
Academic Rigor: 9
Job Assistance: 10

ACLE is reliable and organized. Communication with the ACLE team is great, before and during the camps. Orientation can be a bit overwhelming, because there’s so much information and material you're receiving and learning. However, it’s extremely useful, it prepares you for camps, and it’s a load of fun. Typically camps run from 8:30/9am to 4:30/5pm. Camp days can be tiring and demanding, but they’re extremely rewarding and super fun! You’ll sing, dance, play games, and do a bunch of activities. ACLE provides you with more than enough material; you’ll never run out of ideas. You’ll get to collaborate with individuals from different parts of the world, which is pretty great. Duration of camps tend to be one or two weeks. Locations vary, you may find yourself near a well known city like Milan or Venice; or perhaps you’ll be in a quaint little town, in the mountains or by the sea. Italy is a gorgeous country, with so many hidden gems! Experience authentic Italian culture, living and engaging with Italians on a daily basis. Taste and savor Italian cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Have gelato, drink cappuccinos, meet new people, play, dance, and be silly with children! Experience a summer in Italy with ACLE! You may just have the time of your life!
I personally had a wonderful time, and highly recommend it!!!

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