A great, enriching experience in beautiful Singapore!

Growth: 8
Support: 6
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

During my internship with CareerUp in Singapore, I had the chance to meet so many fellow interns, make valuable connections at my host company, and to travel around Asia and immerse myself in a new culture. I was able to learn valuable skills in a booming and growing country, and this is something I'm proud of talking about when I'm seeking future opportunities. It's such a unique experience that is unmatched by any other internship experience. I was able to be in a company that had a strong start-up culture, where I was able to connect with the managers and partners and seek unique advice. The program also provided me with a strong internship program for me to develop my hard technical skills. If you have the means and resources, I highly recommend checking out this program.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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