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Studies show that internship experience was at least twice as important as college reputation, GPA, and relevance of coursework. Secure your high-level internship while having a once in a lifetime travel experience!

Amazon, Tesla, General Electric, and many others are looking for interns to fill positions in their international offices. These companies have partnered with CareerUp to help them recruit talented college students and recent graduates with a passion for business. With internships in disciplines such as Finance, Marketing, International Business, NGO's, Law and many more, CareerUp has something for anyone looking to grow their career.

Not only does CareerUp help connect you with a world-class internship, but our program also provides high-quality accommodation, transportation, visa processing and a full schedule of cultural and professional events to maximize your summer experience in Asia. Visit our website to learn more about our award winning program.

  • Unlike other internship companies, we tell you which companies you can work for before asking you to commit to our program.
  • Add Great Value to you Resume: Increase your prospects for future employment by adding significant value to your CV or resume with valuable experience in your desired career path.
  • Support: our on-ground coordinators will assure that your internship experience is fulfilling both inside and outside of the workplace by offering 24 hour support to address your needs.
  • Accommodations and transportation: We offer world-class, furnished accommodation that is located close to major transportation lines and to metropolitan centers. We also provide daily shuttles to and from work.
  • Activities: we organize activities for our interns to some best sites around town with your fellow interns.

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  • Fun 7
  • Housing 8
  • Safety 9.3
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CareerUp Review

Being completely emersed in another country culture and business is a hard thing to accomplish. However, with CareerUp, it was as easy as putting on a pair of shoes. With a tremendous amount of effort they help ensure that you are prepared to live and thrive in another country. The amazing staff they have with you and helping you with everything makes it so much more comfortable being in another country. I would highly recommend CareerUp for anyone seeking an overseas experience and internship.

How can this program be improved?
Pricing would be the biggest factor for me.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Do not trust SKP

I'm a typical senior studying in the States when I first saw SKP advertisement on my school's weekly email. I then sent my resume on their website and received a call from one of the company's representatives in the next couple of days. He was very nice and quite thorough about the different opportunities that "I am qualified for, based on my resume". We interacted through many phone calls and emails, with a clear and mutual understanding that I want an internship relating to Finance, particularly private equity or venture capital. After a few weeks of sending my deposit, I followed up with him and asked about the housing. They sent pictures of last year's accommodation and specifically said that I would be hosted there this year. After I made my full payment upon knowing the accommodation, I was then transferred to a different representative of SKP. This is where all the mess started. My new contact sent me an "official letter" for a "Human Resource Executive" position, in which he said was a vague job description. Finance and Human Resource are 2 entirely different jobs. Additionally, the company that I would be interning at was not even in the list that SKP gave me earlier in the beginning. I accepted the offer from the company because he told me that there is a Merger and Acquisition process going on and that there would be many great "Finance opportunities" for me to work on. That never happened. The accommodation was a totally different place and standard than what was promised. I am utmost disappointed by the experience, which was beautifully altered and misled to believe.

No, I don't recommend this program
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My internship in Singapore

I worked with SK Pacific this fall to find an internship abroad in Singapore and it was amazing. SK Pacific exceeded my expectations and connected my with an amazing company, arranged a beautiful condo for me, and made the whole process super easy. I highly recommend this program and think all college students should do an internship abroad.

Singapore is the most amazing city I have visited. It is extremely modern and the architecture is hard to believe. The food is also incredible. They have hawker center, which are basically food courts, that have wonderful food from all over the world. A lot of people say it is "Asia for Beginners." I have to agree, it has all the amazing culture and food of Asia, but it is as modern and clean as any city in the US or Europe.

How can this program be improved?
No complaints. I am likely going to participate again next year.
Yes, I recommend this program

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Would you like to gain international business skills while having an amazing travel experience? Consider Interning Abroad in one of the world's fastest-growing regions.

Tesla, Ey, Amazon and many others are looking for summer interns to fill...