A Priceless Introduction to Teaching in Vietnam

Benefits: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Facilities: 5
Safety: 5

My husband and I decided to take the leap and start teaching in Vietnam in 2018. Both unqualified to teach English abroad and with zero teaching experience, we trawled the internet for our best option. Naturally nervous about the prospect, we were looking for the best support we could find.

We came across TravelBud online and decided we would get in touch. From the second I contacted them, we received ongoing support from the team. We spoke directly with recruitment and discussed our situation. Quickly we decided that this would be the company we chose.

TravelBud helped us with visas, document legalisation and preparation in the following months. They ensured that we were on track to arrive in Vietnam with everything we needed.

When we arrived at the airport, we were collected and taken to our accommodation. All of which had been arranged for us as part of our overall fee. The accommodation provided is extremely basic in Vietnam, but to be expected.

We were invited to a welcome meal with all of our course mates. This was a great way to feel settled. Especially for those taking the leap alone.

Over the next month we received in class training, with an opportunity to gain teaching experience. Upon completion of the course, we were placed in one of Vietnam's most reputable independent teaching centres. A company we still work for today, 16 months on!

Overall, TravelBud gave us the support and confidence we needed to start our new lives in SE Asia. Without them, I'm not sure we'd ever have left England.

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