Truly what to expect

Housing: 9
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 10

I recommend this company for first timers only. If this is your first time traveling abroad, or without people you know, this is most likely the perfect fit for you.
HOWEVER if you’ve travelled before and know how to take care of yourself, this may not be the program for you. Our leaders are super friendly and everything you would hope for. Probably for UK legal reasons the company structures the trip more like a high school trip (Buddy system etc) rather than a group of seasoned travelers looking for fellow seasoned travelers. I was slightly shocked by the lack of experience in the group but I am still super glad I did this trip. You can enjoy this trip as a first time traveler or a experienced traveler, just know what to expect!
I joined the trip for the awesome itinerary and that alone was worth it. Plus you still meet lots of people in and outside of your group.

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I would recommend this trip to first timers only