Wonderful time

Housing: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

Hi I am Hailey, I am 23 from Canada and I want to tell you about my experiences in 2018 and 2019 working with Scotia Personnel. I started last year when I went to the Netherlands first and then I went to Italy. I was an au pair and I made great connections with people, I made so many friends, it was a wonderful experience there so I thought it'd be great to continue working with them. So I then joined the China program and I was in China for about almost 10 months. I started January and I just got home October 6th and the whole time it was amazing and new. I went through all the recommendations for picking up proper host family and I found the best one for me. I could I truly love them and I continue to stay connected with them, and I plan on going to Australia with them too because we created such an excellent relationship in China. And if your idea is to build relationships and bonds that will last a long time and then you should choose Scotia Personnel because not only do you get to work with great people but you get great friends along the way…. you meet them, you talk to them, you share stories. I am still messaging with them in China, because it's still nice talking, sending them photos, catching up the exact same way I would with my friends back in Canada. So I definitely give them as many stars as possible because they are great and they truly care about their job, to make sure our experience is wonderful and wholesome so I hope you join their team and continue travelling cuz it be lovely to meet you along the way. You always meet new Au Pairs and I made friends from England, America, Germany as well as in China… there so many people in the program that are from different countries but we're been brought together the same reason, to make friends to learn more see the world. So good luck travelling in the future and hope to meet you on the road!

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