Medical Volunteering Program

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

I decided to travel to Ghana for the medical volunteering program to understand if medicine was really the degree I wanted to study. It was pleasing to know I was following the right path, which wouldn’t have been possible without this experience.

The first impression was not really good, as I arrived to the airport and found an unpleasing weather and couldn’t find the staff members who were supposed to take me to the hotel. But after this first moment, I felt very welcomed. I spent the first night in the capital (Accra) and the day after traveled to Cape Coast, where I met the other volunteers. I believe that what made my experience special, besides the wonderful activities, was my group, that was composed by a variety of nationalities. Thanks to them, I developed team work abilities, time management, and learned not only about Ghana’s culture, but also about my friends’ culture.

All the bonding was linked to the activities I did, such as community services, travels to the leprosy camp, awareness lessons about malaria and cholera in local schools and day spent at the city hospital to observe the nurse and doctors’ work. I couldn’t have done none of them without the help of our supervisor, Mohammed, that was always careful to show us the right procedures and made sure everything was fine.

The only complain I would make is about the food, which wasn’t very good, but bearable for three weeks.

I hope everyone who decides to live the same experience will find it as pleasing and amazing as I did. And I strongly recommend this program to any student who is studying, or willing to, medicine. :))

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