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Aug 03, 2023
Aug 23, 2021
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About Program

At Projects Abroad, we’re passionate about travel with a purpose. Since being founded in 1992, more than 125,000 volunteers have traveled to over 20 destinations around the world.

Our programs will make you step out of your comfort zone and engage with your new friends from around the world. These are long-term projects, led by local people and aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. By taking part in our programs, even for a short time, you will be contributing towards a sustained effort to support the communities that host us!

Our most popular volunteer programs in Ghana include: Childcare, Teaching, Medicine, Sports, and Human Rights projects. Choose a project you are passionate about and whichever program you choose, you’ll be supported by our dedicated staff and partners.

Ready to make a difference? Follow the link below to visit our website.

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Travel with purpose! Projects Abroad champions responsible adventures, connecting you with communities through low-impact volunteer work. Ditch tourist traps, build rainforests, empower children, safeguard wildlife, and much more. Make meaningful journeys that leave a lasting positive impact - explore sustainable travel and become a global changemaker today!

Visit our website to learn more about our pioneering approach to sustainability.

Ethical Impact

Join Projects Abroad, a force for good connecting volunteers with communities. Build green futures, fight inequality, and empower locals on impactful adventures.

Visit our website to learn more about our impact worldwide.

Program Highlights

  • Choose a project you are passionate about that fits your interests
  • Select your own start date and duration
  • Get 24/7 support from the local staff and head office team
  • Make a difference where it is needed most
  • Have fun exploring the country and its culture over the weekends

Popular Programs

Building Volunteer Work in Ghana

Get your hands dirty and assist with hands-on construction work while volunteering in Ghana. Great for people who want to see a tangible result of their hard work!

Volunteer Football Coaching in Ghana

Live in West Africa and get coaching experience by helping local children improve their soccer skills.

Volunteer Teaching English in Ghana

Gain practical experience teaching English to children in the more rural areas of Ghana.

Medical internship in Ghana

Great opportunities for young adults aged 16 and over to gain practical experience in Medicine and Healthcare in Ghana. As an intern, you’ll have an opportunity to work alongside medical professionals in various capacities: general medicine, nursing, dentistry, public health and more.

Projects Abroad Ghana high school program

This summer, Projects Abroad offers exciting projects for 2, 3 or 4 weeks and involve teens in issues like Human Rights, Medicine & Healthcare, and Child Development.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Ghana Medical 2021

Projects Abroad truly gave me an opportunity like no other. I was placed in the Eastern Regional Hospital in Koforidua. I worked in both the Pediatric and Maternity units, abs I had the opportunity to work very closely with doctors, nurses, and patients. I also participated in outreach twice a week; on these days we would make house calls and go to schools. We consistently made a house call for a woman who had a massive cellulitis, but could not afford to get treatment in the hospital. Someone went to check on her and change her dressings just about everyday, but the two days of the week we had outreach we would go as well. Then, after that we would set up a station at the school and treat kids for ringworm, and clean and bandage their wounds. One of the days I participated we treated 100 kids all of whom had more than one wound. This was truly a great experience and the staff was amazing in helping with placement or if I ever had any questions.

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Response from Projects Abroad

Hi Sophia,

Thank you for sharing your story! We greatly appreciate your support and hard work during your time with us in Ghana, as do the children and community members you helped. It's amazing to hear that you enjoyed this experience and felt supported by our dedicated staff.

We would love to have you join us again in the future, so please do not hesitate to reach out!

Kind regards,

Projects Abroad

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Yes, I recommend this program


The company makes sure you are safe and placed into a good and sweet family and they really cares about you.
They make fun activities and help if you want to travel around with other volunteers in the weekends.

If you want to stay local and learn a culture from the inside, then you should definitely travel with Projects Abroad. Often you learn, that no matter how faraway from your home country you are, you still have a lot in common with the people in the new country.

I would recommend to travel with Projects Abroad.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
How fun it can be to travel on my own and how many good new friends I got.
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Response from

Hey Trine,

It was amazing to read and learn about your wonderful experience on our Veterinary Medicine project in Ghana. We hope to see you on another one of our projects; you’d be welcome back with open arms.

Emmanuel Abaaja, Country Director for Ghana

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Yes, I recommend this program

Ghana Football Coaching

I had no idea when I signed up to join Projects Abroad quite how profound an impact my time in Ghana would have on me. I started out a young, probably naive, amateur football coach. I wanted to experience something different, have some fun, and learn how football was coached in a different country. I got this and much more. I can honestly say that I met some incredible people from all around the world, made memories to last a lifetime, and developed new skills that you just can't get without going outside your comfort zone. The football was amazing, the people were fantastic, and Projects Abroad couldn't have been more helpful. The Projects Abroad staff went out of their way to make me feel safe and help me settle in. They were there every step of the way. I'd recommend it to anyone with a sense of adventure - you won't regret it!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Throw yourself into it and take every opportunity that comes your way. It's natural to be a bit apprehensive if you've never one anything like this before, but the staff are there to help and before you know it you'll be having an incredible time and won't believe what you've been able to accomplish.
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Response from

Hello David,
Thanks for leaving your review about our Sports project in Ghana. It’s warming to hear about your story, what an experience you’ve had – I’m sure you’ll remember it for the lifetime!

Emmanuel Abaaja, Country Director for Ghana

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best experience ever

I did this experience last summer (2019) and, I think, it was the best choice I could make: to leave alone, go to another continent and help others. It wasn't easy to adapt to African culture, to their rhythms, to their ways of relating, to their food. It was hard to have no bathroom (but a mass grave), no shower (but a bucket), to live in precarious hygienic conditions; but it was a fantastic experience! I confess that I had moments of psychological failure (not because I wanted to go home, but for what my eyes saw and my ears listened). Little episodes marked my experience in Ghana.
I saw happy children for a simple hug or for a little candy.
I saw children licking a candy card to the last millimeter (and sometime eat it) ... because who knows when they can have another one again.
I saw children who, despite having only one biscuit for themselves or a small ration of food, always shared what they had with other children who had nothing.
I saw children having fun with nothing: a broken-down little car or 2 chewed crayons for hunger, but these little babies were happy because they were full of energy and creativity.
I knew an invincible host, who is fighting her breast cancer from countless years, but who, despite everything, is full of life and wants to do everything possible to ensure a future for her little 12-year-old daughter.
I met a teacher who is fighting from 26 years to welcome children up to 5 years into her school to stimulate them to learn English (so they can have the bases to go to school and study and build a better future for themselves and their own land). She, with the help of some other inexperienced teacher and some Projectsabroad volunteers, currently welcomes over 80 children: she is often tired, but she is always extremely positive and ready to do everything for her community! She hopes that those children won't be future homeless and / or drug addicts.

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Response from

Hi Marcello,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this excellent review. Projects Abroad and the local community really appreciated your help on the Care project in Ghana. We hope to see you again soon on one of our projects or internships.

Emmanuel Abaaja, Country Director for Ghana

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Yes, I recommend this program

Ghana Volunteering

The most unique aspect of my volunteering experience was not only mixing with new people on the trip, but mixing with Ghanaians. Such as our host family, people in the communities and schools and specially our Supervisor Philip. He was so caring making sure we were happy at all times, he pushed us to our limits and filled the whole day with life changing activities. We still keep in contact with everyone we met there and so it’s such a memorable experience. What is also amazing is the envolvement even after you’e left. Even today I am still discussing fundraising to donate to a school we visited. It was also very good how the staff visited us at our homes regularly to make sure we were okay. It was extremely amazing how we had a great taste of their culture, playing ball games outside at night, but also showing them some of our culture and our games.

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
To be careful about foods I ate. Unfortunately I went to the hospital but the Projects Abroad staff were truly amazing during this. They comforted me even when I was throwing up in a bucket.
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Response from

Hi Mari,
I'm glad to hear you had an amazing time on High School Specials, Medicine & Healthcare
project in Ghana. Thank you for the effort you put into the project. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a positive review. It really does help build the Projects Abroad Global Family. We hope to see you on one of our projects again!

Emmanuel Abaaja, Country Director for Ghana

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Yes, I recommend this program

Ghana volunteering

My experience in Ghana was the best experience I have had. Being part of a different culture and they way they do things was eye opening and has inspired me to want to go back. Working in a special needs school was the incredible, it has allowed me to realise my passion to work with special needs individuals permanently. My projects abroad manager was amazing and was there for any problems or worries I had. The staff at the school were lovely and incredibly grateful for what I did. Activities were planned by my projects abroad manger to ensure we got the most out of our stay and got a true feeling of what it is like to live in Ghana. Giving back to the community (painting a classroom) was a great experience, knowing that they children will benefit. I can’t wait to go back!

What would you improve about this program?
I would stay longer so that I could travel and explore Ghana more
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Response from

Hey Beth,
Your positive review is truly appreciated. Thank you for your commitment towards our Care project in Ghana. Great things are achieved when our global network of volunteers come together. We hope to see you volunteering again with us soon.

Emmanuel Abaaja, Country Director for Ghana

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Yes, I recommend this program

Medical Volunteering Program

I decided to travel to Ghana for the medical volunteering program to understand if medicine was really the degree I wanted to study. It was pleasing to know I was following the right path, which wouldn’t have been possible without this experience.

The first impression was not really good, as I arrived to the airport and found an unpleasing weather and couldn’t find the staff members who were supposed to take me to the hotel. But after this first moment, I felt very welcomed. I spent the first night in the capital (Accra) and the day after traveled to Cape Coast, where I met the other volunteers. I believe that what made my experience special, besides the wonderful activities, was my group, that was composed by a variety of nationalities. Thanks to them, I developed team work abilities, time management, and learned not only about Ghana’s culture, but also about my friends’ culture.

All the bonding was linked to the activities I did, such as community services, travels to the leprosy camp, awareness lessons about malaria and cholera in local schools and day spent at the city hospital to observe the nurse and doctors’ work. I couldn’t have done none of them without the help of our supervisor, Mohammed, that was always careful to show us the right procedures and made sure everything was fine.

The only complain I would make is about the food, which wasn’t very good, but bearable for three weeks.

I hope everyone who decides to live the same experience will find it as pleasing and amazing as I did. And I strongly recommend this program to any student who is studying, or willing to, medicine. :))

190 people found this review helpful.
Response from

Hi Micol,
Thank you for your brilliant review. It's warming to know that we are able to provide such beneficial experience for both the volunteer and the recipient community. Your hard work and effort towards the High School Specials Medicine project in Ghana is greatly appreciated. We hope to see you again on one of our projects or internships.

Emmanuel Abaaja, Country Director for Ghana

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Yes, I recommend this program

Ghana Physiotherapy

Volunteering abroad is one of the most rewarding and fun things you can do. I spent 3 weeks in Ghana and I loved every minute of it. I have made life long friends from Ghana and other volunteers I met there. The projects are safe, fun and you will learn a lot as long as you throw yourself into the experience. I did physiotherapy and got to interact with patients under supervision. I also did some nursing at local camps that are provided free health services from Projects Abroad. There is always support from staff if you need it and the staff are very friendly and approachable. My advice would be to throw yourself into the culture and make the most of it. When it comes to going home, you really will miss it. I highly recommend Projects Abroad for volunteering.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Throw yourself into the experience. Try the local foods and do as much as you can at your project.
183 people found this review helpful.
Response from

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you for leaving such a nice review. We’re delighted that you had a great time while having a profound impact on the local community. We hope that you can join us again in the future on our Physiotherapy project in Ghana or perhaps a totally different project and destination – there are loads to choose from! See you soon,

Emmanuel Abaaja, Country Director for Ghana

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