Tanzania volunteer

Impact: 9
Support: 7
Fun: 7
Value: 6
Safety: 9

I absolutely loved my 2 weeks in Tanzania. The project was so well organised and I appreciate all the little things in life so much more now! Plus the food cooked by the hosts is amazing and you meet some great friends for life from many different countries! I spent time educating the children in the morning and playing with them on the fields. In the afternoon we renovated the orphanage rooms, the toilets and the showers. I was so glad to have left my mark on the wonderful school that accepted us in for two weeks. The people who took care of us were so kind and helpful from everting money out, transporting us and just being someone to talk to if we had any worries. My biggest memory is how positive and smiley the children were even though they had so little

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
Year Completed