My review

Housing: 3
Support: 8
Fun: 7
Value: 9
Safety: 8

My experience on the Seamester trip was nothing like I have ever done before. I have very mixed feelings about what I went through. If I am 100% honest I loved a lot of it and also strongly disliked a lot of it. I will start off with what I did not like. I was very out of my comfort zone the entire time which I know is common. I was expecting this and did not mind it. The main thing I did not like was the sailing which was of course a big part of the trip. I got very sea sick every time, and did not have any interest in learning about sailing like many of the other students did. A few things however that I loved were the things we did on land. I loved visiting the different islands and exploring them. My absolute favorite part of the trip was hiking the waterfalls in Dominica. That was something I would love to do again in my lifetime. Overall it was a fantastic adventure that I will never forget. I am very glad I did it because of all the great benefits that came from it as well as it helped me really grow as a person.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would