Perfect for Independent Students

Growth: 9
Support: 7
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

I had a great experience. I got lucky and had two roommates who I really liked, and we got very close. We had a ton of free time each day to explore the city of Granada. We were all there for a month, and were able to make friends with other people in the program. Our host family gave us freedom to go out for meals, but were also willing to provide every meal for us. I did not get as much Spanish practice as I would have liked, but if I had interacted with my host family more, that would have been improved. I enjoyed the cultural activities (we took a trip to Madrid which was a great time), but often our program leaders didn't give us a ton of information about the sites. The best experiences were the times we spent exploring, or going out.

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Thank you! But help people get to know the other participants in the first few days! I didn't know everyone's name till week two, and more activities would help people make friends.
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