Best experience ever

Impact: 4
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

I did this experience last summer (2019) and, I think, it was the best choice I could make: to leave alone, go to another continent and help others. It wasn't easy to adapt to African culture, to their rhythms, to their ways of relating, to their food. It was hard to have no bathroom (but a mass grave), no shower (but a bucket), to live in precarious hygienic conditions; but it was a fantastic experience! I confess that I had moments of psychological failure (not because I wanted to go home, but for what my eyes saw and my ears listened). Little episodes marked my experience in Ghana.
I saw happy children for a simple hug or for a little candy.
I saw children licking a candy card to the last millimeter (and sometime eat it) ... because who knows when they can have another one again.
I saw children who, despite having only one biscuit for themselves or a small ration of food, always shared what they had with other children who had nothing.
I saw children having fun with nothing: a broken-down little car or 2 chewed crayons for hunger, but these little babies were happy because they were full of energy and creativity.
I knew an invincible host, who is fighting her breast cancer from countless years, but who, despite everything, is full of life and wants to do everything possible to ensure a future for her little 12-year-old daughter.
I met a teacher who is fighting from 26 years to welcome children up to 5 years into her school to stimulate them to learn English (so they can have the bases to go to school and study and build a better future for themselves and their own land). She, with the help of some other inexperienced teacher and some Projectsabroad volunteers, currently welcomes over 80 children: she is often tired, but she is always extremely positive and ready to do everything for her community! She hopes that those children won't be future homeless and / or drug addicts.

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