Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 10
Safety: 10

This is by far the best voluntary project I have ever done. It was truly the best experience because I was actively involved and could see how projects abroad help with conservation in San Cristabol and also helped to employ locals working with the projects and the locals who also support volunteers there during their voluntary programme.
My activities ranged from planting Otoi trees- I must have planted more than 60 trees which I am so proud of and hope to go back one day to see them.!!! These trees are the tortoise staple diet.
I helped at the Giant Tortoise Breeding Centre- the only protected haven centre on the island where giant tortoise, endemic to the Galapagos are kept safe and bred. To feed these animal, clean their pools and observe them was such an amazing experience and to think they were nearly wiped out by sailors not so long ago. We must share this planet with them and their existence now is our responsibility and we must protect them!!!
I was also involved in monitoring sea lions- what an absolute thrill- to see these playful animals.
Invasive Plant removal- sadly the sailors also introduced plants such as Black berry, guava which have altered the ecosystems of the islands and are displacing the endemic plants by competing for food, light nutrients and geographical space. The eradication of these invasive plants is done by hand using machetes- its such rewarding work as you get to do some manual work- keeping in good physic( building strong biceps:)
Plant nursery -reforestation of endemic species is essential to these islands- putting seedlings into soil- getting dirty and regenerating mother nature- you can't imagine the joy of feeling and touch soil the life force that sustains the all that grows on this planet.
Beach clean up- yes sadly there is litter on the beach because people are still very ignorant about the impact of plastic and the dangerous rubbish. So being there and showing and telling the locals how unique their home is fundamental in educating and encouraging them to recycle.
The Galapagos islands are unique, mesmerising, spectacular and enchanting. The animals there will turn you into a giggling child, the excitement and joy you will experience is indescribable . You will encounter iguanas which are very unique to these islands,birds such the blue footed bobbies , red footed bobbies, frigate birds, finches etc, sea horses, sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles, sea lions and of course the tortoises themselves-hence the name Galapagos.

Please, please go- its an experience that you will never forget. I strongly recommend going with Projects Abroad because in my opinion they are professional, supportive and above all they are following some of the World Health Organisation's 17 Sustainable Developmental Goals.

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