Jamaica Journalism Experience

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Heyho my name is Marco.

I've spend close to 3 months in Mandeville (Capital of Manchester Parish) and worked for the NCU FM radio station. Mandeville itself is very clearly arranged so you can easily overview the city after a few days walking through. Also it offers everything you need. From a post station to many different restaurants, bars, market places etc.

Even though I worked at a readio station, most time of my work was about taking and editing pictures and videos for the social media content of the radio station. There is also the possibility to work more radio related, but due to the fact I already had experience in editing I choose to be in this division, which was a lot of fun. Besides that my contact person from Projects Abroad always made sure I work in a good environment and have stuff to do (big up for that!)

At last I want to talk about Jamaica itself. On the weekends you have the time to experience the other parts of this beautiful island and culture, which was amazing. The island itself is full of history and beautiful places to visit. Me for myself never experienced an act of violence for the whole time I was there. I'm still in contact with a good friend who lives a few blocks away from our host families house.

If you're planning to go there I would be happy to share more of my experience and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask :)

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