Prague Trip

Value: 5
Fun: 5
Staff: 5
Safety: 5
Organization: 5

Booking with Smart Trip was the best decision I ever made! This trip to Prague I will remember for a lifetime. By the end of the trip I felt like my friends and the Smart Trip staff were family. They were so nice and entertaining. Had a blast. Took so many pictures and the Smart Trip staff they are very good with a camera great angles! We took a boat ride on the river and saw all the swans. Took beautiful breathtaking photos of the bridges. Also saw the John Lennon Wall. Got to paint my own stamp on the wall and it felt really good to promote peace worldwide. We had great pizza on a large yacht and it was luxurious. Also went to the royal gardens and had champagne. I enjoyed feeling like a king as all the castles were absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much Smart Trip!

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