Au pair experience

Housing: 6
Support: 7
Fun: 8
Value: 8
Safety: 8

I lived in Geelong (Australia) for 7 months and I looked after 4 little girls. I simply loved the cultural exchange of my au pair experience. I feel so lucky because the kids taught me a lot, not only new language skills but also a different way to see things. I recommend the au pair experience, I feel enriched and more confident now. I could live in a beautiful city and meet people from all over the world in my free time, it was amazing! Geelong area is fun if you like sports and outdoor activities. It is also really close to Melbourne, it is only 1 hour by train. If you are a surfer you will just love to come down to Torquay and enjoy the best waves of the surf coast! I feel really lucky I could live this experience, Australia is a beautiful country and people are really open-minded.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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