An introduction to teaching and Saigon living

Instruction: 5
Support: 5
Value: 4
Academic Rigor: 4
Job Assistance: 5

My experience with Ninja Teacher provided me with the tools and skills necessary to succeed as an English teacher in Saigon. The hands on experience let me see first-hand what to expect when entering the workforce. In addition to this, the Ninja Teacher team acted as a support system for us as we navigated our way through Saigon living. They offered advice on where to live, work, and other useful tips when moving to a new country. I did find a lot of the content is geared towards teaching young children in learning centers, so if you are thinking of working in public schools some of the content might not be totally relevant.Overall I would highly recommend Ninja Teacher to those thinking of coming to Saigon and pursuing their dream of teaching English.

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