Thoughts on the Dip, 3 in the bag and 1 to go!

Instruction: 8
Support: 10
Value: 8
Academic Rigor: 9
Job Assistance: 8

As a teacher I felt stifled and wasted, no opportunities for promotion or self growth, I needed an outlet for my energy and enthusiasm. So I started the TESOL Diploma in 2018 to grow and develop as a teacher. Initially I found it hard to get into a study routine, and making the time to read and research was also a challenge with work and family commitments, however I found my rhythm and have managed to clear three of the four parts of the course. The written grammar exam and the research projects are self paced and it is easy to skip studying or take a week off, a better plan is a little study everyday and more as you reach your submission dates. The teaching practice and phonology are on a schedule and the teacher trainers keep you on track, but the last 4 weeks are pretty intense so be prepared to pull out all the stops! I just completed the assessed teaching practice and phonology and with it comes a heightened sense of awareness in the classroom. I can see what is happening, understand why it is happening, and make educated decisions on where I need the lesson to go and how to get there. This is eminently satisfying and the blood, sweat and tears invested have paid back dividends ten fold. The course exposes you to some of the many publications on English teaching and as you read and reflect you realize this is a way for you to continue to grow and develop as a teacher after you complete the course. If you are considering self improvement and are prepared to invest the time and energy I would highly recommend this diploma course. Though it is an English teaching specific course, I believe many of the principles or lessons you learn will be of benefit to you outside this area of specialization.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would