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Improve your teaching skills and career prospects with an advanced accredited, internationally recognized teaching qualification from the only Trinity course provider in Japan.

The Trinity LTCL Diploma TESOL is an internationally recognized professional teaching qualification, equivalent to the Cambridge DELTA. The course is designed for teachers with 3-years full-time experience or two years plus certificate. This is an ongoing blended learning course and the only face-to-face component is teaching practice, often scheduled over a 10 week period on Sundays (but this is flexible). The minimum time one can expect to complete the course is 1 year and the maximum allowed time is 3 years.

Dedicated trainers provide personalized attention throughout the course. Local Japanese learners are keen and enthusiastic, so classes are always a positive experience and provide you with valuable practice in the classroom.

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A valuable learning experience

After finding my feet as an EFL instructor working overseas, I wondered 'what's next?'. I wanted to advance in my career as well as gain more in-depth knowledge and practical experience in teaching. The TESOL Diploma provided me with these things and so much more. At first, this course was rather challenging, but I soon realized how it was contributing to my understanding of teaching and learning. My knowledge of phonology and how to integrate it into lessons have especially been improved. I am now able to teach this aspect with confidence and also see immediate results from my learners.
I would recommend this to anyone wishing to further develop their teaching skills and knowledge. It might seem daunting at first, but don't give up and rely on your peers and tutors' support throughout.

Yes, I recommend this program

DipTESOL Review

I took the course to develop as a teacher and to improve my career opportunities within this field. It took around 14 months to complete. The tutor, Sophia Mcmillan, is very knowledgeable and capable. Her advice and guidance made the course manageable. However, the tutor was very busy and hence it often took a while to get feedback on essays.

My teaching has definitely improved, in particular concerning phonology and establishing achievable learning outcomes. I have interviewed for new positions but am still in the same position as I was during the course.

I would recommend this course to those who expect to be teaching as a career. I have grown and developed as a professional. It is not a perfect course, but it is definitely worthwhile.

How can this program be improved?
More guidance for the portfolio section, perhaps a dedicated class series.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Thank you!

I started the DipTESOL course having already completed an MA in Applied Linguistics several years previously. I found that the practical focus of the Diploma course sharpened my professional practice far more effectively than the more academically focused master's degree. Meanwhile, the more theoretical aspects of the DipTESOL program served to link academic theory to classroom reality. I would particularly recommend Shane as a DipTESOL course provider due to the flexibility of their programme. While other providers will lock you in to a rigid schedule, Shane was far more accommodating. As a working parent with a high pressure job, a flexible programme of study was absolutely essential for me.

No, I don't recommend this program
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Doing a Diploma - from the point of view of an Assitant Director of Studies

Highly rewarding and perfect for refining your techniques as a teacher, if you are looking to move forward in your career then this would be a good place to start.

As an English teacher in Japan a few years back, I was looking for the same thing. An opportunity then came up to be an Assistant Director of Studies in the school I was working for. I applied and was offered the job but felt I needed a little more background knowledge in teaching, and so I dived into the Dip.

There is one thing that doing the Dip taught me the most - that you can not criticise the teaching of others before you have truely criticised your own.

This course made me question every detail of my ability to teach, and this has been vital in my job as an ADoS. One of the most important responsibilities that I have in my work is to regulary watch teacher's lessons and provide feedback.

After doing the Dip I now feel that I can do this with a new confidence.

If you are looking for progress, moving forward in your career and one mighty challenge, sign yourself up to add to your professional growth, maturity and potential future opportunites.

How can this program be improved?
maybe more guidance into accessing the material digitally.
Yes, I recommend this program
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An engrossing experience in to the world of TEFL

The DipTESOL is an extremely rewarding course designed to take the average ex-pat English teacher from preschool toddler to the budding romance of a high school disco. Creating a sense of awakening, when you realise the wonderfully under developed scientific side of what it means to become a professional EFL teacher is in your hands to shape and mould. This course gives you the tools to shape language learning.

How can this program be improved?
While I do understand the art of elicitation in linguistics to promote self discovery. At times a clear outline is what's truly required. Especially when there is so much to take on board.

Remembering that a child's first steps are with the parents encouragement rather than questions.

However, the journey was worth it all in the end.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Insightful and Rewarding

I found the Trinity Diploma very insightful and rewarding. An area I wanted to develop when I started was teaching pronunciation and the diploma certainly helped with this. It also gave me a better understanding of learner styles as well as approaches to teaching reading and listening skills. It has been very satisfying applying what I have learnt in my classes and I find myself reflecting on lessons in a much deeper way than I had done previously.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Keep your eye on the goal!

It was always about the Unit 1 exam for me. I have always had a weakness for examinations and and I knew that the exam was going to be my most challenging part of the course. Since secondary school, I dreaded taking them as I found myself not remembering my revision notes, I was just a flustering mess during exams. I knew that I had to dedicate a lot of time personally to study and prepare for the Trinity exam. After countless tries I managed to eventually pass the Unit 1 exam. The satisfaction I got when my tutor told me the result - well I will never forget that fantastic feeling (and pure relief)! The hard work and dedication paid off in the end.

I was less fearful of the other parts of the Diploma and I really enjoyed doing them; especially phonemic transcription from the teaching practice.

From my experience, it is very important to have a plan together at the start of the course to stay focused and maintain it in order to study efficiently. Personally I started out with no plan and I did lose motivation and then days, or even weeks, can go buy without study as 'life' gets in the way. Keep your eye on the goal and eventually you will see that finish line in sight!

From completing the course, I can safely say that I have gained so much more knowledge within ELT, gained more confidence in incorporating more phonology into my teaching and generally becoming more of a reflective teacher.

My advice to anyone in taking the Trinity DipTESOL - Do IT and don't look back, it will be the best decision you take in a long time!


How can this program be improved?
Personally, the program catered for all my needs perfectly. It was very conveniant as the teaching practice was located at the premises of my employment at the time of taking the course.

Perhaps this review section could be more smartphone-friendly.
Yes, I recommend this program

Johan Saputra Muljadi - LTCL Diploma TESOL graduate of 2015

I started the course in late 2011. Due to personal bumps in my life, I took a break for a year and was on the verge of dropping out. However, the tutors were very supportive and understanding. I resumed in 2013 and they truly helped me to develop as a teacher and also a better academic writer so I could complete the mandatory assignments. I would truly recommend this course even if you are not sure whether teaching English is a career that you would like to pursue. The three top reasons why I think you should do the course are: the fee is reasonable, it has a combination of both theory and practical aspects and it looks good on your c.v. I hope this helps for those who are considering in studying this course.

Yes, I recommend this program

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