Learning Spanish in a Professional Setting

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Really great opportunity to learn Spanish in a professional setting. I gave a general idea of what kind of internship I was looking for, and Nicole got back to me with a few ideas. I liked the Emilia Pardo Bazan museum, and I got to intern there for a month. The staff were extremely welcoming and helped me grow as a Spanish learner and an employee. Communication was extremely clear from beginning to end. Along with the internship, there was a Spanish conversation course that was useful to practice Spanish in a less professional and less stressful environment. It was great that both the internship and the course counted for college credit and accredited by the University of A Coruna.
The city is wonderful. There is a great beach that is always full of people in the summer. There are great landmarks to visit. The city center is beautiful, and Nicole personally guided us through the city on numerous occasions to see churches and landmarks.
Nicole also set up housing for us, and was more than willing to accomodate any issues or concerns. She chose locations that were close to our internships, making it easy to walk over. She also sets up trips to other parts of Spain for weekends, as well as other day trips to places outside of Coruna like Santiago and a beach farther away for surfing.
A really wonderful and unique program.

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espero que estes bien, nicole! tu program sigue como uno de los mejores programas de study abroad que he encontrado y pienso frecuentamente en mi tiempo alli :)