So wonderful Kenya trip

Impact: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Value: 5
Safety: 5

I'd been dreaming about a trip in Africa for a so long time and I achieved it with Projects Abroad! At the begining, I was a little shocked by Africa poor villages,but I felt very safe to have a PA staff with me all the time and when I saw the wild animals in the conservation, it's so amazing to me!! I was very happy to get to know people from different countries and they were all interested in environmental protection. What I remember most is the giraffe's graceful walk. The project of PA is of great practical significance to the local area. Our daily work requires a lot of manual labor, which makes me feel that I am helping the local people and animals.We are also helping to build schools for the poor primary schools in the area. The children are very lovely, but many of them don't have shoes. PA has made regular contributions to their daily necessities, and it is nice of PA to make such contributions for a long time. We also made a voluntary donation because I brought many gifts from China. If we go there next time, we will bring more Chinese gifts to them. One candy I've found everyone loves: white rabbit creamy candy! If you don't know this, haha, get one from you Chinese friends~

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