Bali Intro 12 Day Tour

Value: 9
Fun: 8
Staff: 9
Safety: 7
Organization: 8

Bali Intro Review

I’ve just been on the 12 day Bali Intro tour, where I’ve been lead by our group leader Craig Hewitt. Craig was very good at making sure I arrived at the airport and had the correct information regarding airport pickup.

Once I met Craig he made me feel very welcome and it soon became apparent that he was going to be an easy going guy, full of beans and I knew that I’d be going to have a good time!

The Bali Intro 12 day tour was very interesting! It included a range of activities from massages to volcano hiking and Snorkelling to temple visits.

Craig did a great job of getting everybody to know each other with some simple, fun and effective games and everyone soon got to know each other which is really important to make sure that everyone has the best time!

Overall I would recommend this tour to anybody who is thinking about coming to Bali. I would definitely recommend Craig as a tour guide and I’d like to thank Craig and the Intro team for all the support and opportunities that they have given me.

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