TEFL Course ID Languages Bundoran

Instruction: 9
Support: 9
Value: 8
Academic Rigor: 9
Job Assistance: 8

I started this course at the grand old age of 52, after having moved to Ireland a year previously, looking for both inspiration and maybe a new direction.
In the 4 weeks that I was there I learnt more about english grammar than I had ever done before, I discovered that teaching was both challenging and rewarding and got to know a load of new people as well.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course, the learning in the morning, the teaching in the afternoon and the lesson preparation at night (at home!), it is a demanding course, demanding both time and energy and rightly so.
Bundoran, is in itself a delightful place with plenty to do, a number of beautiful beaches with fantastic amenities all close by.
Not being of that "gap year" age any more, I haven`t been off to the Far East to work as a teacher, but have chosen to work from home, teaching on-line, a new perspective, one which I hadn´t had before but one which is developing quite nicely.

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