Skeptical? Just do it!

Impact: 7
Support: 9
Fun: 9
Value: 6
Safety: 9

Skeptical about whether you should do the GVI Thailand marine conservation program or not? I'd say just do it, dive in and see what you can learn and gain from the experience. I had no idea what to expect going into it, but it was definitely worth it. Once you're out past your comfort zone, it becomes so much easier to open up and connect with people from all around the world, and really emerge yourself in the culture around you.
It's a great program to do as you really experience what its like to live in another country, away from tourists and mainstream activities + sightseeing which never show you what it's really like to live in a place so unique like Thailand. Eating home cooked Thai food, and visiting islands barely any tourists have stepped foot on is what really makes the experience amazing.
Spending 4 weeks in Thailand was a good amount of time to see and experience a little bit of everything in the area - definitely recommend !

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