Joinki - a lifetime experience

Benefits: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Facilities: 10
Safety: 10

Some time ago, after I finished my Abitur in the summer, I decided to take a year off and go abroad to various countries, to volunteer and make experiences. During my time in Kenya I already planned my next trip and stumbled upon the website of Joinki. As I didn't plan much time ahead, I had the expectation of my plan being too short ahead of time. But I contacted the agency and got an immediate response, with all the informations and dates needed. After writing and sending my application forms, I got in contact with the agency partner in Trentino, a very friendly and open minded woman, called Sabrina, who will require you to have several Skype meetings, in order to realise if you are fitted for the program and if there is a host family that could fit your personality and habits. As soon as she matches you, you get the information about the family, and get in contact with them. All over, the bureaucracy is very easy and comfortable, without any complications, long waiting times or anything else. Arriving there I met the Sabrina who, according to my wishes to work in a school, already made an appointment at the nearest school, enabling me to get to know the teachers and to decide on the lessons I want to help in.
She also gave me a lot of information about the Val di Non and Trentino in general, where to go and what to see. She also gives you the Trentino Guest Card, which allows you to travel for free in whole Trentino and visit Museums, Castles and tourist attractions for free.
She herself also took me on trips to spend time together and talk about problems or difficulties. The work in the school was very fulfilling but of course also quit exhausting as I took a lot of hours which also require preparation. In my free time I worked with a girl from the University Trient on the Tandem Program, on which you can sign up through Sabrina. It is a great opportunity to meet someone your age to go out with and to form a new friendship. Also I visited towns, like Bozen and Meran. You also have the opportunity to go see Milano and Verona and of course the mountains are an attraction for themselves :)

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Yes, I would
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