We really appreciated RISH Chinese summer Camp

Growth: 5
Support: 5
Fun: 5
Housing: 5
Safety: 5

My 14-year-old son went to Shanghai to attend RISH Chinese summer camp in July 2019. I was a little worried before he departed for China. Because my son is a vegetarian, I'm worried that he won't eat well during the summer camp, or that he doesn't have anything to eat. Moreover, my son has high requirements for accommodation. Before signing up, I repeatedly confirmed with RISH's customer service staff, who confirmed to me that there would be no problem with vegetarian campers, and told me that the room was very new, very clean, and showed me the photos. Personally I really appreciate RISH's customer service for their smooth communication and quick feed back. Any questions can be answered immediately. Before the summer camp started, I still had some worries. But when my son arrived in Shanghai, he told me that everything was very good. The room was as clean and tidy as shown in the photo. There were many vegetables for each meal. My son especially liked Mapo Tofu and vegetable Ramen made in the school canteen. Counselors were also very careful and helpful. They always cared about my son and asked him what he ate and what he did not like. My son studies Chinese very hard. During this summer camp, he met several friends, all of whom were eager to learn Chinese. He and his friends exchanged their learning experiences every day and had a very happy time. I'm happy to help him choose RISH summer camp.

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