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2 - 4 weeks

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Direct EnrollmentStudent Tour
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- Tuition:
Session 1: 20,500 RMB(about 2,888 USD)*
Session 2: 22,600 RMB(about 3,183 USD)*
Session 2 Plus: 24,800 RMB(about 3,492 USD)*
Session 2 Max: 40,800 RMB(about 5,746 USD)*
Session 3: 20,500 RMB(about 2,888 USD)*
Session 3 Plus: 26,200 RMB(about 3,690 USD)*
Session 4: 23,900 RMB(about 3,366 USD)*
*The price in USD is subject to change with RMB/USD currency exchange rate fluctuations.
- Early Bird Discount: Applications on or before March 31st RMB 500 off
- 2 family siblings or friends: RMB 500 off per applicant
- Group Discount: 3 or above (siblings/friends) RMB 1000 off per applicant
- Returning Student: RMB 1000 off
What's Included
Accommodation Activities Airport Transfers Meals Transportation Wifi
What's Not Included
Airfare SIM cards Travel Insurance
Jan 26, 2022
Dec 01, 2023
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About Program

New in 2024: Learn in Shanghai and Excursion in Beijing. Explore two of the most famous cities in China in just one session!

RISH has over a decade of experience organizing Chinese summer camps in China. Every year, we dedicates careful effort to redesign and optimize the summer camp itineraries. These enriching and enjoyable itineraries enable every student to enhance their Chinese proficiency and immerse themselves in the depth of Chinese culture.

In 2024, we offer more sessions with more starting dates:
S1 (6/30–7/13) and S2 (7/5–7/20) : Study in Shanghai + Excursion in Hangzhou
S2 Plus (7/5–7/22): Shanghai + Excursion in Hangzhou, Suzhou, Zhouzhuang
S2 Max (7/5–8/4): Shanghai +Excursion in Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Zhouzhuang
S3 (7/19–8/1): Shanghai + Excursion in Suzhou, Zhouzhuang
S3 Plus (7/19–8/4): Shanghai + Excursion in Beijing, Suzhou, Zhouzhuang
S4 (7/21- 8/4): Shanghai + Excursion in Beijing

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Program Highlights

  • Safety and Well-being: We cooperate closely with famous universities in Shanghai to provide beautiful, convenient and extremely safe campsites.
  • Engaging and Interactive Learning Environment: Fully immersed in a Chinese-only environment, improve language skill and explore Chinese culture in a real-life setting.
  • Diversified Language Courses: Our camp provides vibrant and interactive classes that make the Chinese language and culture enjoyable for students.
  • Cultural Enrichment Activities: Various cultural classes and excursions help students fostered a deeper appreciation for Chinese traditions, customs, and arts.
  • Qualified and Supportive Staff: We have a group of experienced counselors to ensure safety and assisatance throughout the duration of the camp.

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  • Safety 5
  • Program Selection 5
  • Pre-departure Help 5
  • In-program Support 5
  • Impact on Student 5
  • Value 5
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Yes, I recommend this program

Thanks to RISH summer camp, highly recommended!

Unlike other Mandarin learning summer camps, RISH provides a truly language-immersive experience. My daughter participated in RISH's Chinese summer camp this year, and her overall assessment of RISH is excellent.
Accommodation: RISH provides accommodation in a standard hotel located within a university campus, giving me a sense of security as Chinese campuses are typically enclosed.
Free laundry service: RISH's complimentary laundry service is the best. My daughter has participated in other summer camps where she had to do her own laundry or bring enough changes of clothes. RISH's laundry service perfectly solves this problem.
Extensive choises for meals: My daughter is very satisfied with the camp's food because the variety of choices. Additionally, during each outing, she can indulge in various snacks and bubble milk tea.
Transportation for outings and tours: RISH provides their own buses for every outing. Upon her arrival at Shanghai airport, the camp's teachers picked her up, and after the camp, they personally accompanied her to the airport to see her off. These outstanding services are beyond my imagination!
Most importantly, RISH's Chinese teaching level is excellent. Through the small class lessons during the camp, my daughter has made significant progress in Chinese listening and speaking. She finds learning Chinese more enjoyable now. Thanks to RISH summer camp, highly recommended!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Impressive summer camp and amazing experience!

RISH Summer Camp is truly the only culturally immersive camp in China. My son has been learning Chinese for three years, and I spent a long time searching for a suitable Chinese summer camp in China to provide him with a fully Chinese learning environment while experiencing Chinese culture. After comparing many camps, I chose RISH's Chinese summer camp in Shanghai. What impressed me the most is their free laundry service. Every few days, they collect the campers' clothes and send them to a professional laundry for cleaning and drying. This is crucial in summer, as the kids sweat a lot during daily activities and need to change into clean clothes every day. It's impossible for them to wash and dry their clothes on their own. I'm also very satisfied with their airport transfer service. The camp teachers personally pick up the students from the airport, and after the camp ends, they escort the children to the airport, help them with check-in, and accompany them through customs.
Additionally, the teaching quality at RISH Summer Camp is excellent. They start with a proficiency test and then divide the students into classes based on the results. Each class has no more than eight students. My child's class only has three students, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention. The teaching materials they use are specially designed for the summer camp and are very interesting. In 2024, RISH is organizing a new Beijing tour, and I am already considering enrolling my son.

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Yes, I recommend this program

This summer camp is truly excellent!

We are Chinese living in Italy, and both my daughter and son participated in the RISH Chinese Summer Camp organized in Shanghai this year. Firstly, regarding the accommodation, it should be the best-equipped summer camp my children have ever attended. They stayed in a closed campus, which eliminated many safety risks. Secondly, the camp's meals were also diverse, featuring options like self-service restaurants and specialty eateries offering items such as xiaolongbao, dumplings, beef noodles, and various Chinese stir-fried dishes. Since my children are accustomed to Chinese cuisine, they really enjoyed the school's dining facilities. In addition, there were also familiar options like bugers and pizza, providing a variety of choices when they wanted a change from Chinese food.
During their outings, they even got to taste delicacies like Peking duck, hot pot, and Shanghai xiaolongbao. For kids who haven't been to China in four years, enjoying these authentic dishes made them very happy.
As for Chinese language learning, I am particularly concerned. My daughter's listening and speaking skills are already very good, but she needs to practice reading and writing. On the other hand, my younger son lags a bit behind in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, so they were placed in different classes. The teachers at RISH provided targeted reinforcement for their weaknesses, both in class and through homework. After three weeks of learning, there was a noticeable improvement in their language proficiency. During this period, they also made many new friends, which pleased me a lot.
This summer camp is truly excellent, not only in terms of rich content but also as a fantastic platform for children to meet peers from around the world. It broadens their horizons and experiences. I am very grateful for RISH's Chinese Summer Camp.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent Program!

RISH Chinese Summer Camp exceeded our expectations in every way. It provided an outstanding experience for our 15-year-old daughter at a fully supervised and enclosed camp on university campus. It not only enhanced her Chinese proficiency but also fostered independence and global connections with peers. The carefully crafted daily itinerary, blending Chinese language classes, cultural studies, and exciting field trips , showcased the camp's commitment to a holistic learning experience.
Our daughter returned with newfound friends, exciting memories, a keen interest in learning Chinese and a broader understanding of Chinese culture. RISH truly stands out as as an exceptional platform solving significant challenges for us as Chinese-origin parents abroad. Highly recommended for an unforgettable and educational summer experience in China!

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Yes, I recommend this program

I recommend RISH Chinese Summer Camp

In 2023, my daughter participated in the RISH Chinese Summer Camp. One morning, after having breakfast, she realized that she had left an item worth $5000 in the dining hall. It wasn't until the afternoon that she discovered the item was missing. She immediately informed the lead counselor at RISH about the situation.

At that time all items from the breakfast table had already been disposed of in the garbage. Without hesitation, the RISH staff went to the garbage room for a thorough search. After several hours of careful search, they successfully located the item and returned it to my daughter.

Upon hearing my daughter's account, I was deeply moved. I must commend the teachers at RISH for their extraordinary dedication and responsibility towards the students in the summer camp. Their commitment ensured a positive resolution to the situation, and I believe that if this had happened elsewhere, the item might never have been found. I want to express my sincere thanks to the RISH summer camp team for organizing such an excellent Chinese summer camp!

  • Very nice teachers!
  • Location is excellent!
  • Interesting classes and activities!
  • None
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Yes, I recommend this program

RISH is the best Chinese Summer Camp in China!

If you are coming to China for the first time, I absolutely recommend RISH Chinese Summer Camp. Their campsite is inside an university campus, so there is no worry about personal safety. The campus hotel is nicely decorated. It belongs to the university so there are no guests from outside the campus like in public hotels. Camp counselors are very friendly and helpful. During the whole camp they are always with the students, assisting us with various issues.
Concerning Chinese language learning, RISH has developed specialized summer camp materials and methods tailored for students of different proficiency levels. The Chinese teachers at RISH have extensive teaching experience. Personally, after three weeks of learning, my proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing has improved significantly. I was preparing for the HSK3 exam, and through the intensive learning during the summer camp, I feel much more confident now. Thank you to the teachers at RISH!"

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Yes, I recommend this program

Thanks to RISH for organizing such a fantastic summer camp!

Our 14 year-old son joined RISH summer camp in Shanghai for a delightful three weeks in July 2023. I am very satisfied with RISH's daily itinerary. They typically have three hours of Chinese class in the morning. After lunch and a break, the afternoon consists of themed Chinese cultural classes, covering subjects such as Chinese history, calligraphy, folk customs, dyeing art, traditional Chinese games, specially designed intensive courses for the HSK exam. In addition to the school-based learning, they also incorporate outings into the schedule. My son visited the Bund in Shanghai, took a cruise on the Huangpu River, ascended the Jinmao Tower for a panoramic view of Shanghai, explored Nanjing Road pedestrian street, visited the Chenghuang Temple market, and toured museums in Shanghai. He also had the chance to savor authentic Shanghai soup dumplings, Beijing roast duck, hot pot, and other characteristic Chinese cuisines. After finishing the academic part of the camp, he went on to explore the beautiful cities of Hangzhou and Suzhou. I have to say that their itinerary is unique, and the content is incredibly rich and exciting. If you want your child to spend 2-3 weeks experiencing China and Chinese culture, RISH is definitely the right choice. Thanks to RISH for organizing such a fantastic summer camp!

43 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

I am truly grateful to RISH for providing such a fantastic platform!

Our family is Chinese origin residing in the United States. Due to COVID-19, it's been nearly five years since we last visited China. With China reopening, we are eager to return. Through online searches, I discovered RISH Chinese Summer Camp. This full-boarding camp is fully supervised, fully enclosed, and located on a university campus. It's a perfect fit for my 16-year-old daughter, allowing her to enhance her Chinese proficiency, develop independence, and engage with peers from around the world while having fun. This is especially appealing since, at her age, she prefers spending time with kids her own age without parental supervision. Sending her to the summer camp also grants to me and my husband the freedom to travel and explore various parts of China during her stay!
Upon her return, my daughter excitedly shared how happy she was at the camp. Many other young people of Chinese descent from around the world attended, and she quickly bonded with them. She made friends with many Chinese teens from Europe and is already planning to visit them in Europe next summer. I am truly grateful to RISH for providing such a fantastic platform, solving significant challenges for us, Chinese parents abroad.

  • Full-board camp
  • Many activties and excursions
  • Very responsible staff
  • None
41 people found this review helpful.

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