Adelante Helped Me Grow!

Growth: 10
Support: 8
Fun: 7
Housing: 7
Safety: 10

Adelante provided me with the resources to grow both personally and learn more about my field in a different country. Adelante staff prior to departure were quite helpful and answered all my questions as best as possible. Unfortunately, they only gave me information about my internship about two weeks prior to leaving and I would have preferred if they had more information earlier on to ease my mind. However, throughout my time in Spain, the staff in the US regularly checked in with me via email and sent me resources to better my transition. The two week course at Eureka was great and very laid-back; the teachers are fun and helpful and all of them actually want to teach, so it is a great way to review your Spanish before working. As a pharmacy student, I was given a position at one of the many farmacias in Spain and helped patients find the best medication for their illness, rang out patients, processed orders, and completed paperwork for the pharmacy. While the work got repetitive, I still learned a lot (especially about the Spanish healthcare system) because my coworkers were kind, interested in helping me improve and learn as a student, and explained anything I did not understand. I would suggest this program for those who are at least at a low intermediate level of Spanish because I was spoken to only in Spanish at my position and I know many positions at Adelante that are very similar. While there were no issues to report at my job, I would have felt comfortable reaching out to any of the Adelante staff if I did have any problems because they made it clear that they were there to help me. Adelante does a great job with housing because of its location in the center of Madrid and because they find a solution to problems or maintenance issues relatively quickly, especially if you physically speak to Angel who is the director of the Eureka language school.

Would you recommend this program?
Yes, I would
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