Opportunity of a lifetime!

Academics: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 9
Safety: 10

I had studied abroad in high school and had an awesome time but studying abroad to Norway and attending ACN blew that experience out of the water. ACN covers all bases, whether it's travel tips, homesickness tips, advice on studying, help with housing, anything. The staff and faculty at ACN were super accommodating to every student and the small class sizes were a treat. The staff especially, go above and beyond in every aspect to make sure that students are comfortable and enjoying their time in Moss.
The on-campus housing was very nice, 2-bedroom apartments with a kitchen and a bathroom (that has a heated floor! Amazing during the winter months), and can supply almost anything you need, from dishes to bed sheets to drying racks. And as a bonus, the apartments are just up the street from the school, less than a 5 minute walk!
ACN also only has classes Monday-Thursday, meaning you get a three-day weekend every weekend. This makes it really easy to travel and see Europe. While in Norway I was able to travel to the western part of Norway, France, England, and Wales. The staff also help you find the cheapest airline/train/bus tickets!

I would highly recommend to anyone (whether you are a freshman or a senior in college) to study abroad to the American College of Norway. I had an amazing experience and am kinda bummed I only went for one semester.

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