Thank you RISH for giving children a wonderful experience of Chinese culture

Growth: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Our family are Chinese immigrants to Italy. Our son Simone is 13 years old. Although both his father and myself can speak Chinese, he has no language environment since childhood so he can understand some but he is always lazy to communicate with us in Chinese. Every summer vacation we send him back to China and live in his grandparents' house. He always complains that he is bored. After being recommended by friends, I learned that there was such an immersive Chinese summer camp. The contents of RISH Chinese summer camp are very attractive, so I immediately registered for mon son. The summer camp gave him a Chinese environment, which made him naturally develop the habit of speaking Chinese every day. At the same time, the summer camp was also a wonderful trip to let him know more about China and made many good friends around the world. During three weeks of summer camp time, he was very happy and I was very relieved. Thank you to RISH instructors and counselors for your teaching and company! Learning Chinese well will benefit children for a lifetime!

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