Volunteering in Thailand :: Outdoor program

Impact: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Value: 9
Safety: 9

My experience in The Mirror was amazing. I got much more than I was expecting.
I decided to join this adventure 3 weeks before it started, so I didn’t have much time to organize my own trip. So, I decided to look for a platform that could help me be more efficient with my time. A friend of mine told me about IVHQ and how easy was to volunteer with them, because they provide almost all the information you need to just GO.
I never traveled alone, so I was looking for a safe country that could give me something new. I read a lot about the culture of Asian countries and, as my first time in Asia, I choose Thailand because it is safe, cheap and is so beautiful.
I followed all the steps in IVHQ training guide and I’m glad I did it because I felt that I was well prepared to participate in the program. I didn’t feel that anything was missing, and I didn’t bring unnecessary things. I had the help I needed before going and after being there.
When I arrived, there were some intern volunteer girls waiting for me. They welcomed me like I was family. The girls (that’s what I called them at the beginning… at the end they were “My Girls, My Daughters, My Friends”) were so excited to meet the new volunteers that they were giggling and jumping around like they knew me. I absorbed they excitement with joy. It was so good to feel welcome.
Two other volunteers came to The Mirror Foundation with me and everyone received us very well. They show us around and accommodate us. At night the intern volunteers made a big fire and we had a chance to get to know each other better.
On next day we met all the coordinators and we had the welcome session, explaining all of The Mirror’s work to the community and sensitizing us for the importance of our work.
In Outdoor program we learned about cleaning, construction, agriculture, gardening, landscaping, painting, repair and maintenance of buildings, construction and repair of roads. But it was not extensive because in such a short time they used the “Learning by doing” technique.
But our coordinators gave us the most important lesson of all, that it’s how important volunteering is, and they did such a good job mentoring us. They create such a good bond with the volunteers that we really made the effort to not disappointing them. Their knowledge of the tasks, their explanation of the purpose of the job and their awareness of our abilities, transmitted us confidence, commitment and gratitude for doing them. Best of all was their sense of humor, I laughed so much during the work hours, that time just passed by flying.
I felt that I learned and really enjoyed myself during all volunteering program. Three weeks was too short and if I knew that I would try to stay longer.
I will never forget this experience.

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