Best choice for a semester in Western Europe!

Academics: 10
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

I studied abroad with CIEE this past fall in Amsterdam. I was impressed by how receptive and helpful the staff in the Amsterdam office were, and I really built a strong connection with them. I participated in CIEE teach, I was a member of the Student Representative Council, and I participated in a homestay up one weekend up north in Groningen - these are examples of my favorite activities that I got to do as a CIEE student. My favorite memory was through CIEE teach, when my Dutch students said goodbye to my friends and I by performing a dance for us and giving us chocolates for their Sinterklaas holiday.

CIEE was very helpful during orientation (and after) in getting us accustomed to how the UvA operates. I also took courses with CIEE, as they had a more familiar grading standard. Both my UvA and CIEE courses were challenging, and it was cool learning about European politics and social policies while living there. As far as housing goes, that is the factor that influenced me choosing this program - CIEE guarantees housing in Amsterdam, which is an incredible promise that they uphold for students, since the housing market in Amsterdam is very competitive. I stayed in a single with a full size bed and private bathroom in The Student Hotel Amsterdam West, which was a ~25 minute bike ride from UvA. I loved this experience, the friends I made through it, and the memories I created will be cherished forever -- and I didn't go in thinking this is how I'd feel. Trust me, the folks at CIEE really did their best in shaping this experience for me and 90+ other students, and they are always receptive to improvements. If you're looking for a program thats challenging, with good staff support, independent housing, and in a central location for European travel, this program is for you.

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