Great Support! The Quinn School of Business is Top Tier

Academics: 8
Support: 10
Fun: 10
Housing: 10
Safety: 10

Prior to coming to Ireland, I did not know much about the country or what to expect out of the academics here. UCD Global and the Business Study Abroad Programme at the Quinn School do an amazing job at helping international students adjust to their new environment. UCD Global offers free trips all over Ireland from nearby Howth to Galway and the staff are super friendly! The Business Study Abroad Programme are upfront at the beginning about how different the academics are going to be and how the grading system works. Since 3 of my 5 classes at UCD counted towards my home school GPA I was worried about the rigour of my courses. The style of teaching in Europe is very very different than that of America, but don't worry! If you get good grades at your home university you will do well here, just bug your professors even if they don't have office hours (because they most likely will only have them once a week if even that) and be prepared to teach yourself because that is just how things work here. If you need anything the Business Study Abroad Programme Advisors are very friendly and helpful.

Some things members of my cohort and I would have wanted to know before coming to UCD are: 1.) UCD is a commuter school so the place is a ghost town on the weekends. This is when you should travel around Ireland and other parts of Europe! 2.) Most food places are closed at 6 pm with the exception of Centra, so keep that in mind 3.) The library closes at like 10 pm so if you are a night owl as many American college students are conditioned to be then this may be tough to adjust to because there is nowhere else to study besides your bedroom after this time (maybe your dorm common space).

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